Introduction Of Hot Air Non Woven ES Fiber

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In recent years, hot air non woven ES fiber materials have become very popular in the field of personal hygiene products, especially sanitary napkins, pads, night pants, baby diapers and baby pull-up pants. Hot air non woven ES fiber has attracted extensive attention and is widely used in the industry due to its soft feel, fluffy appearance and easy post-processing styling. This article gives a brief introduction to hot air non woven ES fiber.

 hot air non woven ES fiber

1.Material of hot air non woven ES fiber

The hot air non woven ES fiber material belongs to the dry non-woven fabric formed by the short fiber carding into the web and the hot air reinforcement process. It uses bicomponent fibers. When the carded fiber web passes through the hot blast furnace, the air pressure difference on both sides of the fiber web causes the hot air to penetrate the fiber web and heat it, and the low melting point component in the hot melt fiber melts, while the The high melting point component did not change. Because the fibers in the fiber web are randomly arranged, showing a three-dimensional anisotropic structure, and the fibers overlap each other without specific rules. At the overlapping points between the fibers, the molten components flow and spread, welding together. A certain amount of air pressure and rolling action strengthens the bonding effect of the fiber web, and finally it is cooled and shaped to form a hot air non woven ES fiber.

 hot air non woven fabric

2. Process of hot air non woven ES fiber

It is because of the special fiber and process of hot air non woven ES fiber that it has the incomparable characteristics of other non-woven fabrics. It has a good spatial structure, and the gap between fibers is large. Under the same quantitative conditions, the thickness of hot air non woven ES fiber is 3~5 times that of hot-rolled, spunbond, meltblown and other materials. From the SEM photos of hot air non woven ES fiber, it can be seen that the low melting point component forms fusion bonds at the intersections of the fibers, and after cooling, the fibers at the non-intersections remain in their original state. This is a form of "point bonding" rather than "zone bonding", resulting in a product with bulk, softness and high elasticity.

 hot air non woven

With the progress and development of society and the continuous enhancement of people's hygiene awareness, hot air non woven ES fiber will be more and more widely used in personal hygiene care products.

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