Learn About Sanitary Pad Composition

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1.This article briefly introduces sanitary pad composition

Sanitary pad is a kind of absorbent material, the main material is cotton pulp and polymer absorber, which is used to absorb the menstrual blood that flows out of the vagina when women have menstrual cramps. With the development and progress of society and the continuous enhancement of people's hygiene awareness, sanitary pads are widely used in women's daily life.

 sanitary pad composition

2.Sanitary pad composition composed of three parts

The sanitary pad composition is generally composed of three parts: a surface layer, an absorbing layer and a bottom layer, and the materials of each layer are bonded with hot melt glue. The surface layer is the part that is in direct contact with the skin, and its material is soft. The surface layer of PE perforated film and the surface layer of cotton are the two most commonly used materials; the absorption layer is mainly composed of cotton, non-woven fabric, pulp or the above materials. It is a composite paper made of material and high molecular polymer, which is used to absorb the outflowing menstrual blood, including a diversion layer, a diversion core layer and a water-locking layer. The diversion core layer can quickly absorb the liquid and conduct the liquid to the next layer. The water-locking layer is composed of wood pulp fiber and polymer water-absorbing resin. It has strong washing performance and can retain the liquid under certain pressure conditions; Polyethylene (PE) plastic film is used as the base material, a cross-linked acrylic resin is used as the adhesive, and then processed with several special additives, which is waterproof and breathable.

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3.Learn about sanitary pad composition

Sanitary pads are close to the skin and are more sensitive to personal physique. The continuous progress of social civilization in my country, the continuous improvement of living standards, and the continuous improvement of women's awareness of health care have promoted the continuous improvement of female consumers in my country on the functionality, comfort and health of sanitary pads. There are more personalized choices in other aspects, and high-quality products are also more favored. Understanding sanitary pad composition will help to deepen women's understanding of sanitary pads

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