What Are The Raw Material For Sanitary Napkin?

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Sanitary napkins and sanitary pads are designed for women's menstrual period. They are easy to use and easy to carry. They are necessities that every adult woman can't live without. Raw material for sanitary napkin mainly includes the following:

raw material for sanitary napkin

1.Raw material for sanitary napkin- SAP polymer material

Extremely hygroscopic fiber material (commonly known as SAP) is also called super absorbent resin, super absorbent material, and high water absorbent polymer. It is a new type of functional fiber material with excellent water absorption and water locking ability. Therefore, it is used in daily necessities such as sanitary napkins.

2. Raw material for sanitary napkin-Fluff pulp

When it comes to fluff pulp, everyone will think of "black heart cotton", and tell everyone that there is no need to worry, just choose a regular and reliable large and medium-sized store (for example: Beijing Best Women and Children Products Co., Ltd. ) or brand owners (Sophie Sanitary Napkin, Seven Degrees Space, Hushubao, Gaojiesi, Best, Jieting, etc.), they cant use the black heart cottonthat is not hygienic and the quality is not good enough for hygiene Production and processing of towels.

3. Raw material for sanitary napkin-Bottom film 

(1) According to whether it is breathable or not, it can be divided into: general bottom film and breathable bottom film;

(2) According to material classification, it can be divided into PE bottom film and SMS composite bottom film;

napkin raw material

4.Raw material for sanitary napkin- Small coating

The small coating of sheet sanitary napkin is divided into: PE coating, aluminum platinum coating, PE composite spunbond non-woven coating, PE composite hot air non-woven coating, etc.

5.Raw material for sanitary napkin- Outer packaging

(1) Forms of outer packaging:

Aluminum foil bag: easy-to-pull seal, 360° sterility test outer packaging, more sanitation.

Packing box: Physical and mental health and environmental protection, unique, outstanding and tall.

The outer packaging of the clip chain: the actual operation is simple, the sealing is firm, and the quality is beautiful and generous.

Packaging bag outer packaging: faster production speed, strong drawing characteristics, good touch, fully transparent appearance, easy to use, high efficiency, and low price.

(2) The starting quantity of the outer packaging:

Outer packaging printing plate making, packaging, printing and packaging bags will cost 30,000 to 50,000 yuan; therefore, there are regulations on the number of prints.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of hygiene awareness, the demand for sanitary napkins will increase. Understanding raw material for sanitary napkin is helpful for women to choose sanitary napkins better.

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