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According to some statistics, a woman uses about 15,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime. There are many different brands of sanitary napkins on the market, and they are available in thick and thin, cotton and mesh, and for day and night use. Choosing the right sanitary napkin and using it correctly on a special day is an effective barrier for women.

1. sanitary napkin material is not sterile

Looking at the layers of packaging, the uninformed would think that sanitary napkins are sterile products like sterilised cotton balls. In fact, sanitary napkins are not completely sterile. For one thing, this would make the cost and technical content steeply higher, and for another, once they come into contact with the body, sterile immediately becomes sterile - menstrual blood itself carries many microorganisms. Why would a savvy manufacturer do something so uneconomical? Therefore, many brands of sanitary napkins are not specifically disinfected, as long as the product meets national standards, does not contain pathogenic bacteria, and the number of microorganisms is within a certain range, it is not harmful to health.

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2. sanitary napkin material cheap ≠ good quality

"Special offers" and "sales" often attract a large number of customers, but for sanitary napkins, the pursuit of low-priced products is not necessarily desirable. Promotional products and freebies are often stalled products or new products that are sold by merchants, and may be made of more economical materials, tested more leniently, kept in stock for a longer period of time, or have inaccurate results.

When buying, you should prefer the brand name products sold in large shopping malls and produced by well-known companies. Large sanitary napkin companies have a better production environment, stricter management, and strict monitoring of physical properties and hygiene indicators, so if you choose to use sanitary napkins from these companies, you can be relatively safe. In addition, you should also pay attention to the expiry date of the product. Generally speaking, the closer to the production date, the better the quality assurance. 

3. sanitary napkin material absorbs well ≠ no need to change

Thanks to polymers, sanitary napkin material is now soft and absorbent, much more so than it was decades ago. The porous and low-density polyethylene allows menstrual blood to penetrate quickly into the inner layer, absorbing tens to hundreds of times its own weight in water. But it's a mistake not to change your sanitary napkins regularly just because they are so absorbent. During menstruation, the acidic environment of the vagina is alkalinised or neutralised by the menstrual blood, and the immune system is reduced; in addition, the bleeding wound itself is very susceptible to bacterial infection.

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4. sanitary napkin material breathability

The surface layer is recommended to be dry mesh and funnel type; the middle layer is better to be breathable and contains efficient gelatinized layer; the bottom layer should be made of breathable sanitary napkin material, so that the gas-like water molecules can pass through smoothly, thus discharging moisture in time and effectively reducing the humidity and stuffiness between the sanitary napkin and the body.

5. sanitary napkin material comfort

Sanitary napkins are generally available in cotton and mesh. Generally speaking, the cotton side absorbs quickly, while the mesh side has good anti-return performance. Women can choose the type that suits them best according to their actual feelings. It is not often that you use up a whole pack of sanitary napkins at a time, but it is common for people at work to carry one or two with them. Once a packet is opened, it can easily become contaminated. From a hygiene point of view, it is advisable to buy individually wrapped sanitary napkins, or, for financial reasons, products that are not individually wrapped but have a smaller number of pads per pack.

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