What Do You Know About Raw Material Of Sanitary Pads?

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For women, health care is very important, because of the physiological peculiarities of women, each woman friend has so many special days every month, during menstruation many women's bodies become very fragile, so health care work must be done, and sanitary napkins are the most important supplies during menstruation, but many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of raw material of sanitary pad. However, many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the raw material of sanitary pads, so what is the knowledge about raw material of sanitary pads?

1. About the raw material of sanitary pads

Research has found that using the wrong sanitary pad may cause menstrual allergies and a 30% increase in the risk of gynaecological diseases! Check out the facts about sanitary pads! 

A. Soft cotton, soft cotton ≠ real cotton

Do you think the "cotton" or "soft cotton" sanitary napkins you see are "cotton"? They are essentially chemical fiber materials, without the slightest hint of natural cotton ingredients, and certainly can not have the advantages of natural cotton truly breathable, non-allergenic.

B. Usually "cotton soft" or "soft cotton" is used to PP (Polypropylene) polypropylene rubber particles as raw material, by high temperature melting, silk spraying, laying network, hot pressing into cloth and other processes processed from the chemical fiber non-woven fabric, through the chemical After processing, the non-woven fabric can create a soft touch like cotton, but "cotton soft" does not have any "cotton" components, not "real cotton", this is just a business This is only a promotional concept.

 raw material of sanitary pad

2. The longer the raw material of sanitary pad ≠ the better

The longer the sanitary pad is, the better it is. Although it will prevent leakage, it is too long and inconvenient to use, and it is also unsightly. Normally, 24-30cm is sufficient for daily use. If the middle part of the sanitary pad is very absorbent, there is no need to lengthen it to prevent leakage. On the one hand, sanitary napkin material lengthening is for the psychological comfort of consumers, and on the other hand, it may be a way for manufacturers to compensate for the lack of absorbency in the middle of the sanitary napkin by lengthening it to reduce the possibility of leakage.

For mature women, if they know their menstrual blood and can control the flow and rate of flow they do not need extra-long sanitary napkins. For young girls who are new to menstruation and do not know how to control leakage, or who have difficulty controlling leakage on particularly heavy nights, extra-long sanitary towels are necessary.

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3. Thick raw material of sanitary pad ≠ high suction capacity

Some people think that the thicker the raw material of sanitary pads, the better the absorption capacity. In fact, thickness is not directly related to absorbency, but rather to the number of absorbent polymer beads contained within. But super absorbent sanitary pads are generally thicker and more difficult to breathe, so if they are not replaced for a long time, they are more likely to breed bacteria. "Do not go thick.

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