What Are Diaper Making Raw Materials?

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There are many women who choose diapers when the diaper bags are written with non-woven fabric, there are many parents who do not know what non-woven fabric is, because when selecting nappies as high quality as possible, then what material is diaper making raw materials?

baby diaper raw material 

1.What are diaper making raw materials?

A. Synthetic chemical fibres, i.e. not cloth, not paper, but a synthetic chemical fibre rather than a plant fibre. The diapers used are what mothers should pay attention to when buying diapers for their babies to understand the brand's reputation, and try to choose nappy brands with good reputation and high sales.

B. In addition, it is also more important that the most crucial thing to buy diapers is to look at its material, breathability and comfort is especially important for babies, if you buy bad diapers, it will make your baby's butt appear red rash and other symptoms oh, so, choose good and affordable nappies is the pursuit of mothers.

C. I suggest that mothers should compare nappies with other nappies, not necessarily the expensive ones are good and the cheap ones must be very bad. In fact, it is more important that your baby is comfortable with them. Therefore, mothers should choose diapers according to the size of their baby and the cost effectiveness of the nappies!

 diaper making raw materials

2. The difference between diaper making raw materials and nappies

A. Diapers and nappies are two different things, please don't mix them up.

B. First of all, diapers are like pants, they have buckles at the ends of the hip bone and have a high water absorption capacity. Diapers are breathable outer layers and are impermeable to re-infiltration and are the right thickness to keep your baby comfortable. This is what everyone calls a diaper.

C. What is a nappy? Simply put, nappies are like sanitary towels for women. Diapers are loved by mothers for their ability to keep their babies wet, but they are also prone to many baby illnesses due to improper use, so mothers should be careful when using them!What is the difference between

D.diaper making raw materials and nappies? The first thing to note is that there is little difference in function between the two, but in terms of comfort, diapers are better than nappies, but nappies are more breathable than diapers.

E. Another difference is that diapers are worn on the baby and are more secure, so they don't fall off when the baby rolls over, which is very safe. Diapers are diapers, like nappies, which can be stuffed directly and sometimes fall off.

F. In general, the difference between diaper making raw materials and nappies is not particularly obvious, but they are not the same thing, so mothers can use them for their babies according to the actual situation.

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