What Are Sanitary Pad Raw Materials

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Sanitary napkins are an essential item for every woman's daily life, and many manufacturers make a big fuss about their own sanitary napkin product features. Similar to "green", "three-dimensional guard", "slim", "silk", "dazzling" and other exclusive concepts that are more novel than one after another, you can understand the "noun" on the sanitary napkin, understand these special Nouns can help us choose the sanitary napkin that suits us!

 sanitary napkin raw materials

1. Sanitary pad raw materials--PE perforated film

Commonly known as "dry mesh surface", it is composed of PE film and special micropores, which makes it difficult for menstrual blood to re-infiltrate and keeps the front of the film dry.

2. Sanitary pad raw materials--polymer composite paper

High molecular polymer composite paper is mainly composed of high molecular polymer formed by cotton, non-woven fabric and pulp, which is used to absorb the outflow of menstrual blood.

3. Sanitary pad raw materials--fluff pulp

Wood pulp and straw pulp after bleaching and extracting organic solvents.

sanitary pad raw materials

4. Sanitary pad raw materials--polymer absorber

The sanitary napkin with a high-efficiency gelling layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a gel-like shape, which will not re-infiltrate after being pressed, and the surface will not feel sticky. The commonly used material is polymer resin.

5. Sanitary pad raw materials--PE film 

Using special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material, a cross-linked acrylic resin as the adhesive, and then processed with several special additives, it is waterproof and breathable.

6. Sanitary pad raw materials--release paper

Release paper is also known as silicone oil paper, or release paper. There are three layers of structure, the first layer is the base paper, the second layer is the lamination film, and the third layer is the silicone oil. Function: Moisture-proof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation.

materials used in sanitary pads

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