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Diaper spandex is an important elastic fiber, it can be said that it is the most elastic synthetic fiber on the market. With the development and progress of society, people put forward functional requirements for diaper spandex fibers. This paper introduces the necessity of research and development of antibacterial diaper spandex and its preparation method.

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1. The necessity of research and development of antibacterial diaper spandex

Diaper spandex, like other textiles, is prone to bacteria growth when used and stored in humid environments. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of the pathogenicity of bacteria and the hygienic awareness, the antibacterial requirements for diaper spandex products are also gradually rising, and it is imminent to develop antibacterial spandex with antibacterial function. Microbial contamination in textiles is a serious health problem. Textiles with antibacterial properties not only meet the antibacterial needs of daily clothing, but also can be used in wound dressings, medical equipment and other medical and health fields.

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2. The preparation method of antibacterial diaper spandex

(1) Modification method

Antibacterial diaper spandex mainly introduces particles and groups with antibacterial properties into spandex and composite fibers by physical or chemical means. Yuan Yanan et al. used 1% biomass graphene as an additive. While the strength and rebound rate of spandex did not change significantly, the bacteriostatic rate against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli reached more than 98%, which improved the performance of spandex. Bacteriostatic ability. Qu et al. prepared silver nano/polyurethane composite fibers. In order to avoid the shedding of silver nanoparticles, the terminal reactive groups in polyurethane were used to reduce the nano silver in situ. When the nano silver content was 0.030%, the composite fibers prepared not only had better performance Good bacteriostatic effect (bacteriostatic rate 95.2%), elongation at break also increased to 608%. Wen et al. embedded tea polyphenols in polyurethane/polyacrylonitrile composite fibers, and confirmed that tea polyphenol composite fibers with an average diameter of about 120 μm have good cytocompatibility, bacteriostasis (bacteriostatic rate 98%) and antibacterial properties. Oxidative capacity (up to 97% clearance of DPPH), can be used in wound dressings. Karthikeyan et al. used zinc oxide nanoparticles to pretreat spandex, which produced obvious bacteriostatic activity against Helicobacter pylori within 24 hours, and the bacteriostatic rate reached 96% after 36 hours.

(2) Wrapping method

In addition to introducing bacteriostatic particles or groups for modification, the encapsulation method is also a common method for preparing bacteriostatic diaper spandex. The wrapping method refers to the use of double-layer/multi-layer spinning, and the material with antibacterial properties is wrapped on the outer layer of the spandex fabric to achieve the antibacterial effect. Jiang Hongliang used a new type of carbon fiber woven sleeve with a flame retardant layer inside the carbon fiber woven layer, and wrapped it on the outside of the spandex to form an elastic antibacterial layer. Wei Zhongze prepared a bacteriostatic and moisturizing core-spun yarn. The core yarn is a helical spandex filament, and the outer yarn is a milk protein fiber yarn with a waterproof membrane, which can not only inhibit bacteria and remove odor, but also maintain the amino acid content for a long time. run off, with excellent moisturizing properties.


With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, conventional diaper spandex fiber products have been difficult to meet the growing consumer demand of consumers. The research and development of antibacterial diaper spandex conforms to the trend of the times and expands the application scope of diaper spandex.

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