Structural Analysis Of Diapers SAP Paper

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In recent years, changes in my country's population structure have created huge development potential for my country's diaper market. SAP paper is the "heart" of diapers. This paper analyzes the structure of traditional and new SAP paper.

 SAP paper

1. Traditional SAP paper

The traditional fluff pulp absorbent core is mainly composed of cover layer, SAP and fluff pulp. SAP and fluff pulp are mixed in a certain proportion to form a SAP/fluff pulp absorber; the covering layer is made of toilet paper or non-woven material or multi-layer composite material, wherein the upper covering layer should usually have functions such as diversion and ventilation, and the lower covering layer should have functions such as diversion and ventilation. The layer should usually have anti-reverse osmosis, barrier and other functions.

After the diaper with the traditional fluff pulp absorption core absorbs urine, the fluff pulp diffuses and conducts urine with its natural fiber advantages, while SAP quickly absorbs, expands and locks the urine; the mixture of SAP and fluff pulp is looser . It has enough space inside for ventilation. Therefore, although the thickness of this diaper is relatively thick, it has good air permeability after absorbing liquid. In addition, the fluff pulp can play a role in fixing SAP to a certain extent, preventing SAP from moving and accumulating, and maintaining the flatness and softness of the surface of the diaper. ; Also, the wicking effect of fluff pulp can well solve the problem of gel clogging after SAP liquid absorption, weaken the phenomenon of easy lumps after liquid absorption of diapers, and improve wearing comfort; however, when wearing such diapers, wearing The operator should avoid large movements or flips causing SAP slippage. This results in an uneven distribution. The places where the SAP is distributed quickly absorbs liquid and swells to hinder the diffusion of urine, which eventually leads to faults and lumps, which affects the multiple liquid absorption of the diaper. skin.

 pulp SAP paper

2. New SAP paper

As diaper products become lighter and thinner, and people have higher and higher requirements for liquid absorption performance, new composite absorbent cores are emerging. It usually wraps the dust-free paper and the porous bulky nonwoven with a cover layer, and then wraps the porous bulky nonwoven

Spread SAP in between, and then glue the layers together with hot melt adhesive.

In the new SAP paper, the porous and fluffy non-woven material is a hydrophilic material, and its grid structure can store and fix a large amount of SAP, so that the SAP is evenly distributed, so the new composite core will swell as a whole after absorbing urine , to avoid faults and lumps after the core absorbs liquid, and the overall flatness of the diaper is good. At the same time, because no fluff pulp is added. Therefore, the diaper containing the new composite absorbent core becomes very light and thin, the wearer's sense of weight is reduced, and the amount of SAP added will increase accordingly, and the liquid absorption of the diaper will increase.

However, this SAP paper also has some disadvantages, such as: without the support of fluff pulp, SAP will form a gel after absorbing urine, the diaper feels harder, and the air permeability becomes poor; hot melt adhesive is used between each layer of material Adhesion to fix SAP, and more SAP requires more hot melt adhesive, which will result in a harder diaper feel, poorer breathability, affected liquid absorption speed, and heavier odor after liquid absorption; ultra-thin composite core However, the traditional fluff pulp core has a relatively balanced liquid absorption speed; the structure is complex and the number of layers is more, which is compared with the traditional fluff pulp core. The traditional fluff pulp core has low production speed and high production cost.

airlaid SAP paper 

At present, there is still a big gap between the penetration rate of the domestic diaper market and the penetration rate of developed countries. Therefore, the domestic market has a bright future. In order to better increase the market share of domestic diapers, it is necessary to solve the technical problems of SAP paper for diapers. Understanding the structure of SAP paper is conducive to its better development.

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