R&d And Improvement Direction Of SAP Powder

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SAP powder can absorb a large amount of external water, and its water absorption can reach hundreds or even thousands of times its own quality. It has important application value in the fields of hygiene products and medical care. This paper looks forward to the future research and development and improvement direction of SAP powder.

1. Continuously improve product performance and endow SAP powder with special functions

In the field of hygiene products, we actively modify superabsorbent resins to meet the needs of different consumers. It should mainly have excellent water absorption and water retention properties, and should also improve the rate of liquid absorption, salt resistance in the application of adult incontinence products and baby diapers, and better thermal stability. It has good liquid permeability, and has good absorption performance under multiple pressure conditions. The liquid has the characteristics of rapid penetration and rapid diffusion in the product, so as to meet the needs of baby diapers (sheets), women's sanitary napkins (trousers). ) and adult incontinence products demand for lightweight, thin, skin care and environmental protection.

 SAP powder

2. Adopt compound technology to improve product performance of SAP powder and reduce product cost

The so-called compounding means that in the production process, inorganic/organic substances and polymer materials are added and compounded with SAP powder to obtain new products with different functions, which can meet the antibacterial properties, water retention effects, and liquid absorption of products in different consumption fields. Speed, light weight, thinness and ease of use.

 super absorbent polymer powder

3. Adapt to environmental protection requirements and improve the biodegradability of SAP powder products

The use of SAP powder is mostly one-time use. If the degradability of the product is not improved, it will lead to its pollution. Therefore, the development and application of bio-based degradable resins have been paid more and more attention.

The production of bio-based degradable resins requires the replacement of sodium acrylate with other cross-linking monomers such as cellulose, starch and amino acids. For example, the bio-based degradable SAP powders that have been industrialized abroad include starch-polyacrylonitrile copolymer products, PVA-starch copolymer products and cross-linked polyaspartic acid, etc., which are mainly used in sanitary materials and other fields.

 super absorbent polymer

The typical properties that SAP powder must have are: high water absorption (liquid), high water retention (liquid), high absorption rate and high liquid, etc. The performance indicators to investigate its quality mainly include water absorption rate, pressure absorption capacity, centrifugal water retention (Liquid) capacity, liquid flow rate, residual monomer, colloidal strength, particle size distribution, anti-caking and anti-yellowing, etc. Different application fields have different requirements for these indicators, so it is necessary to continuously improve process technology in production, research and development New process and new modification technology to improve product quality and adaptability.

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