How Will The Spunbond Non Woven Industry Develop In The Future?

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Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, spunbond and meltblown non woven products, which are important raw materials for epidemic prevention materials such as masks and protective clothing, have become "hot search" keywords, and the structure of my country's non-woven materials industry has also undergone great changes. This paper puts forward some suggestions for the future development of the spunbond nonwovens industry, in order to provide a reference for its healthy development.

spunbond non woven

1. Improve the quality of spunbond non woven products

At a time when the demand for spunbond non woven products has increased significantly, non woven enterprises with a sense of social responsibility should not invest blindly, but should rationally choose to invest in medium and long term high end products, strengthen basic research, and establish product research and development bases and products. The testing center will improve product quality in a planned and rhythmic manner, create corporate characteristics, and maintain market operations. The equipment development of spunbond nonwovens is equally important, and key enterprises should go hand in hand.

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2. Improve the standard formulation of spunbond non woven products

Demand has surged, a large amount of foreign capital has entered the industry, the production capacity of spunbond non woven fabrics has expanded rapidly, and the problem of imperfect product standards has become more prominent. Affect product production and testing. On the other hand, the newly introduced various recommended reference standards cannot provide professional advice for enterprise production, which is not conducive to product quality control. Therefore, while ensuring market supply and demand, industry related institutions should promptly clear up existing standards, formulate new standards, and revise existing standards to ensure the orderly development of the industry.

 Spunbond non woven fabric

3. Strengthen the supervision of the spunbond non woven industry

After the rapid development of spunbond non woven materials, it will definitely enter a period of industrial structure adjustment, and the reasonable release of production capacity is an important issue for the development of the industry. Based on this, industry associations and related platforms should strengthen research on industry production, disclose more real industry information, and guide market development. At the same time, strengthen industry training and corporate contacts, strengthen market research on terminal materials, and guide new capital to better play the industrial value.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic, a major global public event, has made the non woven industry a "star industry". While my country's spunbond non woven fabric industry is developing rapidly, it also exposes certain development problems. Based on this, this paper puts forward some suggestions for the healthy development of the spunbond non woven industry.

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