Preventive Measures For The Aging Problem Of Super Absorbent Polymer Powder

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Super absorbent polymer powder is a material widely used in today's social production and life, but due to its special properties, it is easily affected by various factors and causes its aging. Based on this, this paper proposes several preventive measures that can be applied to the production and processing of super absorbent polymer.

1. Improve the polymerization process in the super absorbent polymer powder production process

In the production process of super absorbent polymer powder, reasonable improvement of polymerization process will make it have better anti aging properties. Therefore, in the specific production, the relevant enterprises should make a reasonable choice of their polymerization process. When conditions permit, they should try to choose an advanced and mature polymerization process for its preparation. At the same time, it should also be based on the actual situation and actual needs The amount of additives and catalysts is scientifically controlled to reduce the impurity content and avoid the aging problem caused by the absorption of ultraviolet light by impurities, so that the aging can be effectively prevented from the source.

super absorbent polymer

2. Add plasticizer in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer powder

Because super absorbent polymer powder is easily deformed under the action of external force and high temperature, thereby accelerating its aging and adversely affecting its service life, and external force and temperature factors are usually uncontrollable, so in specific production and processing, it is necessary to take measures Certain measures to improve its tolerance and ductility. In order to achieve this goal, manufacturers need to add an appropriate amount of plasticizer to it, so as to improve its anti deformation ability and achieve a good aging prevention effect. At present, the commonly used plasticizers are dioctyl phthalate, diformate, benzene polyester and the like.

SAP powder 

3. Add light stabilizer in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer powder

Because the ultraviolet rays in the light will cause great damage to the super absorbent polymer powder, in its aging prevention and control, only by shielding the surface of the ultraviolet rays to prevent the ultraviolet rays from being absorbed by them, can the aging problem caused by ultraviolet rays be effectively solved. . Based on this, in the process of production and processing, relevant companies need to add an appropriate amount of light stabilizers, such as light shielding agents, ultraviolet absorbers, quenchers, free radical scavengers, hydroperoxide decomposers, etc. . Thereby, a good light shielding effect can be achieved, and ultraviolet rays can be prevented from entering into it, so that the photoaging problem can be effectively prevented.

 super absorbent polymer power

4. Brush protective layer in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer powder

Because many factors in the external environment can lead to the aging of super absorbent polymer, in the production and processing of its and its products, relevant enterprises can apply a protective layer on its surface, such as nano coating, polyurethane coating adhesive, Polyacrylate coating glue, polysiloxane coating glue, etc., so as to play an effective covering and isolation effect on it. In this way, the change of material properties and its aging problems caused by many reasons can be effectively solved, so as to ensure its application performance and prolong its service life.


All in all, super absorbent polymer has attracted much attention in today's applications due to its many advantages such as abundant raw materials, high production capacity, wide application range, corrosion resistance, and high cost performance. Its aging problem has also received more and more attention from related industries. By taking reasonable anti aging measures in the production and processing of materials, the aging problem can be effectively prevented and suppressed, so that its quality and performance can be well guaranteed, and its service life can be maximized to meet the needs of today's society. Practical application requirements for super absorbent polymer.

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