Learn About The Application Of ES Composite Fibers In Hot Air Non Woven Fabric

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The cross-section of the same fiber has two or more kinds of immiscible polymers at the same time, that is, composite fiber, which belongs to a kind of physical modified fiber. Nowadays, there are more and more types of composite technology and composite fibers, and modified fibers containing both polymer properties, such as bicomponent fibers and microfibers, can be obtained through composite fiber manufacturing technology. ES composite fiber, as a kind of composite fiber, has different processing forms due to the difference of polymers. The production of hot air non woven fabric is one of the more common application fields. This paper briefly describes the application and application advantages of ES fiber in the production of hot air non woven fabric .

air through bonding nonwoven 

1. ES composite fibers are used in hot air non woven fabric

The application of ES composite fibers in the production of hot air non woven fabric mainly uses the different melting points of the skin and core layer polymers of this material. between °C. If the temperature is close to the melting point of polyethylene, the polyethylene in the surface layer will begin to melt, and the polypropylene in the core layer will still maintain its original shape and physical properties. The staff sorted ES composite short fibers, placed them inside the hot air box in the form of nets, and mixed them with heat treatment under no pressure conditions to ensure that the temperature reached the specified temperature for melting of the polyethylene on the surface layer, and various fibers were melted. The formed adhesions may be local adhesions, or point like or linear adhesions. Compared with other types of non woven fabrics, this type of non woven fabric has excellent elasticity and bulkiness, and can be used in production to obtain non woven fabrics with thin and low grammage. After carding, the fibers are mainly arranged in the longitudinal direction in the fiber web, so the non woven fabric has a larger strength in the longitudinal direction, and the transverse direction is smaller in contrast. The elongation at break is small in the longitudinal direction and large in the transverse direction. In addition, the fiber does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and it is found through practice that it will not cause an irritating reaction to the skin, but will produce antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

 air through non woven fabric

2. Application advantages of ES composite fibers in the production of hot air non woven fabric

The cost of ES composite fiber non woven is relatively low, and the application in production has the effect of "wicking and moisture permeability". With these advantages, it is widely used, especially in the production of medical and health care, physiological care and other products. The related process of ES fiber non woven has low difficulty in operation and does not require large investment. As a new material, it has a very broad development prospect. In the actual production process, the proportion of propylene (ethylene) fiber is light, the thermal conductivity is not high, and it can also prevent chemical corrosion and mold. The above characteristics ensure the high quality of hot air process production.

hot air non woven fabric 

In summary, the use of ES composite fibers in the production of hot air non woven fabric can effectively improve product quality and avoid the impact of hot air non woven fabric production on the surrounding environment. In addition, ES fiber also has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. As the main material produced by enterprises, it can save enterprise expenses and provide consumers with fiber products with guaranteed quality.

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