Talking About The Gap Between Domestic And Foreign Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Roll Technology

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In recent years, with the continuous emergence of new materials such as micro nano fibers, elastic materials and multi component fibers, the multi component processing technology, composite processing technology and various process combinations have been improved day by day, as well as the expanded application of new materials and new processes. Spunbond non woven fabric roll products are developing in the direction of high functionality and high performance. It no longer only refers to a single process, but a combination of multiple processes that embodies the combination of multiple disciplines and applications in multiple fields. This paper briefly analyzes the gap between domestic and foreign spunbond non woven fabric roll technology.

1. The technical level of domestic spunbond non woven fabric roll equipment is relatively low

In recent years, my country's spunbond non woven fabric roll technology and equipment have achieved rapid development, but the level of independent research and development and manufacturing of equipment still lags behind the international advanced level. There is a big gap between domestic equipment and foreign equipment in terms of machining accuracy, running speed, production capacity, stability and process configuration. At present, many domestic complete sets of equipment still need to introduce foreign key components for matching.

 spunbond non woven fabric roll

2. The relevant standards of domestic spunbond non woven fabric roll are relatively lagging behind

In order to ensure the safety of spunbond non woven fabric roll products, developed countries have perfect standards and legal regulations for the use of products for different purposes, while the formulation of relevant standards in my country is obviously behind the development of the industry. With the continuous improvement of my country's equipment technology level and the further upgrading of products, the development of the industry will put forward more and updated requirements for relevant standards. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to formulate relevant national standards and laws and regulations.

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3. The domestic spunbond non woven fabric roll industry lacks talents and high end products of independent brands

The overall technology and R&D capabilities of my country's industry are still weak. The lack of technical talents and innovation ability restricts the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises to adopt the way of industry university research cooperation to absorb and cultivate talents in all fields. my country's spunbond non woven fabric roll products are generally at the low end level, lacking the competitiveness of the mid to high end market, which seriously restricts the expansion to a wide range of markets. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, enterprises must attach great importance to the establishment and improvement of brands, especially high end independent brands that can participate in international competition, and avoid the old road of low level repetition and low level vicious competition.

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In recent years, my country's spunbond non woven fabric roll technology has developed rapidly, but with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of market requirements for products, the market has put forward higher requirements for spunbond non woven fabric roll technology. Therefore, in the future, my country should continue to strengthen independent innovation, pay attention to the research and development of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, pay attention to the expansion and application of new materials and new processes, pay attention to energy saving, green environmental protection, and recycling of resources, and constantly improve industry standards and mandatory regulations. In addition, enterprises should pay more attention to the cultivation of talents, enhance their research and development capabilities, and improve the overall technical level and the international competitiveness of their own brands.

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