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At present, diapers have been widely used in infants and adults with incontinence. The diaper has a relatively strong ability to absorb liquid. It can completely absorb urine into the product. When the urine is absorbed to a certain amount, it needs to be replaced. However, sometimes it is not easy to observe with the naked eye, especially for inexperienced young dads. Moms, and, if not replaced in time, the damp environment will cause your baby's "red butt" and even induce eczema. At this time, urine display gel came into being. Come and learn about this hot melt adhesive today.

wetness indicator glue

1. What is wetness indicator glue?

In daily life, careful parents will find that there will be a line between the front and the back of the diaper. Usually, this line consists of three small lines, which is often referred to as the urine display line. For most novice parents, to judge when to change the baby's diaper, it can basically be determined by the "discoloration line" on the diaper - the wetness display bar, that is, the urine display judgment.

Simply put, the wetness indicator glue of a diaper refers to a colored indicator strip visible on the outermost layer of the diaper. It has the indicator function of changing color when it encounters urine, and is not irritating to the baby's skin. Its basic function is: when the urine strip is soaked by the baby's urine, it will appear obvious discoloration, and parents can intuitively judge whether the baby needs to change the diaper.

However, in general, the normal use time of diapers is 3-4 hours. Even if the urine display does not display very accurately, according to the time judgment, the baby should be replaced in time.

 wetness indicator adhesive

2. What is the discoloration principle of wetness indicator glue?

The color-changing wetness indicator glue adopts the hot-melt urine display glue technology. This hot-melt adhesive is applied in the form of lines on the side of the bottom film and facing the core layer. When urine wets the core layer and conducts to its surface, its pH value will change, resulting in a change in its color, reaching Visual monitoring of wetness indicator glue. 

3. How to determine the degree of wetness of baby's urine by wetness indicator glue?

Generally, the diapers on the market are yellow before the urine gel is absorbed. When the diapers absorb 50ml of urine, the color becomes lighter green; after absorbing 100ml, the color becomes dark green, and the color range is longer than that when absorbing 50ml. , so as to remind you to change the diaper. When the entire diaper line changes color, it proves that the diaper has absorbed the urine of the upper limit of the diaper. At this time, the parent should replace the baby in time.

 hot melt glue

Diapers need to be changed at a healthy frequency. If they are changed too frequently, it will be wasteful and meaningless; if they are changed too little, it is very likely that the urine will soak the buttocks and cause eczema. Therefore, when purchasing diapers, you can pay attention to whether there is a urine display function in the product packaging instructions. A diaper using wetness indicator glue is more economical and healthier for consumers.

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