What Exactly Is The PE Wrapping Film Favored By The Hygiene Industry?

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PE wrapping film, the full name of "waterproof and breathable microporous film", is a new type of breathable and impermeable polymer material in the world. Its main component is polyethylene. With its soft skin-friendly, high tensile strength and good moisture permeability, it is widely used in the field of hygiene products. Today, let's take a brief look at PE wrapping film.

1. The basic film forming principle of PE wrapping film

The principle of film forming of breathable film: PE+CaCO3 (masterbatch) - film forming - stretching - breathable film

pe wrapping film is made of LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier, adding about 50% of special calcium carbonate for blending, and directional stretching to a certain ratio after extrusion into film. Since polyethylene resin is a thermoplastic material, it can be stretched and crystallized under certain conditions. During stretching, the interface between the polymer and the calcium carbonate particles is peeled off, and interconnected meandering pores are formed around the calcium carbonate particles. or channels, it is these pores and channels that give the membrane its breathable (wet) function, thereby communicating the environment on both sides of the membrane.

 PE film

2. The principle of using PE wrapping film

(1) The reflection of the final ventilation effect, the inherent characteristics of pe wrapping film are the foundation, but the structural design of personal hygiene care products is the key.

(2) When used as a water barrier material, the safety (water barrier) of pe wrapping film is the premise. Only on the premise of ensuring safety can we talk about air permeability.

(3) "Wide - relatively wide", "thin - thin, close-fitting", "bag - relatively closed" structure and care products that are used for a relatively long time (such as diapers, pads, etc.), use ventilation Membrane material is necessary.

PE pouch film

(4) Compared with ordinary PE embossed film, the breathable film has its inherent shortcomings, so the design of the product should be good at avoiding defects and making use of its strengths. For example, the transverse strength (CD) of the breathable film is relatively low, the color is relatively monotonous, and the thermal stability is poor.

(5) The final breathable effect is proportional to the actual breathable area of the breathable membrane. Product design should cherish and protect the effective ventilation area.

(6) The design of the final product should consider the convection of the small environment.

(7) There is a time lag in the performance of breathable products on users.

 PE wrapping film

PE wrapping film is used in diapers, sanitary napkins, medical mattresses, etc., and has always had a stable demand in Europe and the United States and other countries, and the domestic sanitary material market is bound to mature with the demand for functionality and comfort. The demand space for film is bound to increase.

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