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With the continuous development of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and the continuous enhancement of hygiene awareness, disposable hygiene products are widely used in people's daily life. Among them, the market penetration rate of diapers is increasing, especially in recent years, the development of diapers is very rapid, and the market competition is also very fierce. As one of the raw materials of diapers, pp side tape has witnessed the development of diapers. Come and learn about the left and right stickers today.

non woven side tape

1. Introduction to pp side tape

The pp side tape is an adhesive tape that facilitates the position fixing of the diaper, which is arranged on the back waist of the diaper. After the diaper is worn, it can be adhered to the front waist, so that the front and rear sides of the diaper can be connected into one body to form a "pants" type.

The existing left and right stickers include a base film and a lining film attached to the back waist of the diaper, and the base film and the lining film are mainly formed by hot-melt bonding of a plastic film and an adhesive layer. Among them, in order to ensure that it has the performance of being repeatedly peeled off from the front waist, the plastic film is generally selected from PE and PVC materials with certain strength and thickness.

However, the hot melt adhesive on the adhesive layer of the above-mentioned base film easily penetrates into the surface of the plastic film, causing infection to the baby's skin. In addition, the front waistband of diapers is generally made of non-woven fabric. When it is peeled off from the front waistband, the non-woven fabric is easily adhered by the hot melt adhesive on the lining film, which affects its service life, so it needs to be improved. Space.

 side tape

2. The production process of pp side tape

pp side tape is made by combining PP cast film, CPP, BOPP or OPP and hot melt adhesive. The previous left and right sticker products required multiple pieces of equipment to be processed. It needs a separate squeegee, slitter, roll forming machine, and compound machine to complete the processing of this product. Moreover, the previous one belongs to the off-line squeegee compound process. Due to the multi-stage process, quality problems are prone to occur, and it consumes manpower and material resources, resulting in an increase in cost.

Patent No. CN201010618492.2 discloses a left and right waist sticking and bonding device on a diaper production line, including a pressing and bonding-assisting roller shaft, an eccentric sleeve is fixedly connected to the pressing and bonding-assisting roller shaft, and the outer circumference of the eccentric sleeve is movably connected by a bearing There are rings. The inner ring of the ring sleeve is made of steel material, and the outer ring is made of elastic material with certain hardness. In the non-pressed state, the ring sleeve rotates with the roller shaft and its eccentric sleeve. When the eccentric position of the eccentric sleeve and the adsorption transfer roller jointly press the diaper and its left and right waist stickers, the ring sleeve can follow the adsorption transfer. The roller rotates and is synchronized with the line speed of the adsorption transfer roller and the diaper product. Even if it cannot be synchronized, the elastic effect of the outer ring of the ring sleeve can jointly overcome the stretching deformation of the product, the wrinkling and skewing of the left and right waist stickers, and improve the performance. Product pass rate. However, this technology has high production cost, poor stability, and low production capacity, so there is room for further development.

pp side tape 

The birth and development of diapers reflect the continuous progress of modern society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and the continuous development of production technology. Today, it is more and more widely used by people. Understanding the relevant knowledge of pp side tape is conducive to better use of diapers.

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