Take A Look At What Hydrophobic Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Is?

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1. What is hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric? 

What are the uses of hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric? A material such as hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric is not unfamiliar in our life. What is the application range of sticky water repellent non woven fabrics:Meltblown non woven fabrics: purification and filtration, environmental protection oil absorption, water absorption and wiping, thermal insulation and other industries. Spunbond non woven fabrics: packaging and protection industries such as coats and shoe covers, leather base fabrics, luggage and shoe materials, and agricultural coverings.

 hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric

2. Scope of application of hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric

Heat sealed non woven fabrics: surgical gowns, bed sheets, curtains and other medical and health protection industries.Glue laminated non woven fabrics: paint, chemical, dust protection, especially for building covering substrates, can achieve waterproof, breathable, thermal insulation effects. At the same time, the more important point is the composite SMS, SMMS, SPES heat bonded non woven fabrics of hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric,SMSF SFS SF glued laminated non woven fabrics,the weight range of 38200GSM, effective 16002400mm..SMS composite non woven fabrics It is composed of two layers of spunbond fabric S and one layer of meltblown fabric M. SFS composite non woven fabric is composed of 2 layers of S spunbond non woven fabric and one layer of F breathable film. SPES composite non woven fabric is composed of 2 layers of S spunbond non woven fabric and one layer of PE film.

 hydrophobic non woven fabric

3. There are various types of hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric

which are comfortable, environmentally friendly, clean and hygienic. From the perspective of hydrophilicity, they can be divided into hydrophobic non woven fabric and hydrophilic non woven fabric. What is the difference?

A. Water repellent material for spunbond water repellent non woven fabric, hydrophilic material for hydrophilic non woven fabric.

B. Spunbond water repellent non woven fabrics mainly contain water repellent substances or water repellent materials such as water repellent bases, so they will not get wet. The hydrophilic non woven fabric may also use a large amount of capillary fibers, because the fibers also have the characteristics of water absorption. Its hydrophilic effect is good, no reverse osmosis, and it can be hydrophilic for many times.

C. The hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric will not seep through the water, and it will not be damp after being wetted with water.

The difference between hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric and hydrophilic non woven fabric, in short, is one that does not absorb water and the other that absorbs water. What kind of non woven fabric to choose depends on the application.

Water proof spunbond non woven fabric

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