Several Common White Non Woven Fabric

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1. There are also a lot of white non woven fabric on the market. 

Needless to say, 99% of the non woven fabric used for lamination use white non woven fabric as the base fabric. For the fabrics that are directly used for car bags, the use of white non woven fabric may account for about 12% of the total. It is resistant to dirt, and the visual difference is particularly obvious after a few uses. So what are the commonly used white non woven fabric?

white non woven fabric

2. Most people know white non woven fabric

White is white, white like A4 paper, usually called whitening. Then there is another kind of white, which is a little yellowish white, and a little bit more off white. These two kinds of white non woven fabric may be familiar to many people. 

white spunbond

Today, the focus is on fluorescent white. Different manufacturers have different names. Some are called special white. What kind of white is this special white? The bleaching powder has been bleached the same, and the white is a little dazzling. Among the three kinds of white, fluorescent white is the whitest cloth. Of course, only a few manufacturers of this white non woven fabric will stock it, and the others will not be stocked. Even if you are willing to help you do it, at least you have to place an order of more than 1 ton to do it. What is the concept of 1 ton? Conventional 1.6-meter-wide cloth is about 38kg/piece, and 1 weight is about 27 pieces. If it is an order for 1 ton of fabric, then the quantity of this batch is quite considerable.

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