Identify The Authenticity Of Medical Masks Through Meltblown Non Woven Fabric

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During the epidemic, the most commonly used protective equipment is the mask. When it comes to masks, you may know more or less about meltblown non woven fabric, but how to distinguish the true and false of meltblown non woven fabric? How can we tell whether the masks we use are real medical masks? Let us know today.

1. The role of  meltblown non woven fabric

For us, real medical masks must have three layers, and two layer masks are inferior products. Both sides of the medical mask are anti stick non woven fabric, and the middle is meltblown non woven fabric, which is completely enough for the number of grams. We all know that wearing medical masks is to filter bacteria, viruses and some particles, and the filtering effect of masks is related to meltblown non woven fabric. You must not buy a mask that does not contain it, it is useless to wear it. The inner and outer layers of the medical mask only play a supporting role, and the meltblown layer in the middle can filter bacteria and viruses. However, its general filtration effect is only 50%. Only after secondary processing and increasing the electrostatic adsorption function can the filtration of bacteria and viruses reach more than 99%.

 meltblown non woven fabric

2. Identify the true and false of meltblown non woven fabric

So how should we distinguish the true and false of the meltblown non woven fabric? There is actually an easy way to tell the difference. The first point is to use fire to ignite the meltblown layer. If it does not burn, it is true. The second point is that since the meltblown layer will have an electrostatic reaction, if we tear the meltblown layer into multiple strips, we will obviously feel the electrostatic reaction. If we put it close to the stainless steel, we can still see its small The strips will stick.

 non woven material

3. Identify the authenticity of medical masks through meltblown non woven fabri


Next, I will teach you how to identify the authenticity of medical masks. In fact, the grams, color and material of the meltblown non woven fabric are related to the authenticity. There is a big difference between a transparent mask with enough grams and some masks that look white and have spunbond non woven fabric on both sides that look like paper. If it looks a little thin, it means that the number of grams is small, and the thinner it is, the less effective it will be.

 laminated non woven fabric

In short, during the epidemic, the role of medical masks has been paid more and more attention by everyone. As the "heart" of the mask, the meltblown non woven fabric is self evident to the importance of medical masks. At the same time, we can also identify the authenticity of medical masks through meltblown non woven fabric.

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