Why Use Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric?

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1. polypropylene non woven fabric  is a kind of non woven fabric prepared from polypropylene as raw material through the processes of melting, spinning, laying,bonding, and curling. Because the technological process is simple, the output is large, and it is non toxic and harmless to the human body. Therefore, it is widely used in sanitary materials, medical supplies, bedding, sofas, luggage, shoe materials and clothing.

non woven polypropylene fabric

2. polypropylene non woven fabric  has the characteristics of low density, soft texture, fluffy and plump, non toxic, breathable, etc. It is hydrophilic and water repellent to be used for the surface layer and bottom layer of disposable sanitary products respectively, giving the product hydrophilic , water repellent and breathable functions, can be used for infant disposable products such as diapers.

polypropylene non woven fabric

3. Hot rolled polypropylene non woven fabric  are prepared by spinning, stretching, netting, hot rolling and other processes. There are many meshes and pores between polypropylene fibers, which have good air permeability, low cost and convenient processing. , the environmental load is small and so on. As the gram weight of the non woven fabric increases, the mesh structure becomes denser, the porosity becomes smaller, and the air permeability becomes stronger.

PP non woven

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