What Is Breathable Film? Why Use It For Sanitary Napkin And Diaper?

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Breathable film is an essential material for diapers. The structure of diapers is divided into three layers: topsheet, absorbent core layer and bottom layer. 

The surface layer of the diaper is made of non-woven fabric, the absorbent core layer is made of absorbent beads and fluff fibers, and the bottom material is mainly made of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric.

The main purpose of the breathable PE filmbottom film is to prevent leakage. 

1.What is breathable film?

Breathable film generally refers to a PE functional material with environmental protection, water resistance and breathability. It is mainly used for the bottom film of women's sanitary napkins, the bottom film of pads, the bottom film of baby diapers, etc. It is compounded with non-woven fabrics and is also widely used in medical protective clothing. , Isolation clothing, medical mattresses, disposable beds, home textiles, etc. Whether the breathable bottom film is breathable, in addition to its own material function, the process is also very important.

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2. Production process of Breathable film

(1) Casting compounding. This process relies on the viscosity of the plastic itself after hot-melting plastic particles. The disadvantage is that it is almost airtight. In 2014, there is no way in the world to use this process to produce a real breathable film that is highly breathable, high temperature resistant and waterproof.

(2) Spray glue or scrape glue compound. This process was first applied to sanitary napkins, diapers, and protective clothing. At present, almost all domestic manufacturers use this process to produce highly breathable waterproof and breathable materials. The disadvantage is that the air permeability is relatively low, because the middle micro-holes are actually blocked by hot melt adhesive. In addition, the most fatal disadvantage is that the temperature resistance is very low, and it can only withstand a temperature of 60 degrees. Because this glue is actually a pressure sensitive adhesive (self-adhesive). A simple example is that in winter, the double-sided tape is almost non-sticky and will delaminate, but in summer, the glue on the surface of the double-sided tape will melt. The quality of waterproof breathable film made by this process can be imagined. Therefore, this waterproof breathable film can only be a fake and shoddy product, and there is no market at all in European and American countries.

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(3) Hot pressing compound. At present, the domestic market is mixed, and there are actually very few manufacturers producing truly waterproof breathable film. In fact, the real waterproof breathable film should be highly breathable, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, and the hydrostatic pressure should reach more than 2 meters. The production process should be pure thermal composite technology, without glue, so it can achieve a temperature resistance of more than 110 degrees, high strength and anti-aging. This is the current domestic product that can truly meet the EU standard and is the latest domestic technology.

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3. The use of breathable film in diapers

The air permeability is mainly determined by the number of air holes and the production process of the breathable bottom film. The main thing to pay attention to is colloids, including urinal adhesives and structural adhesives.

Although the amount of structural adhesive used in diapers is not large, choosing high-quality structural adhesives and breathable film and other raw materials to ensure the high quality of diapers is beneficial to the safety, health and comfort of infants and young children.

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