Application Of Elastic Glue In Hygiene Products Industry

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1. Application of elastic glue

Elastic glue is mainly used in disposable sanitary products. It is made by fully automatic machine coating elastic glue on PE film, non woven fabric and some elastic materials (mainly rubber bands) through bonding, embossing, cutting and packaging processes. disposable hygiene products.

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2. Classification of elastic glue

Elastic glue, because it will be sticky after being pressed at room temperature, it is called hot melt glue. Its main components are styrene butadiene styrene or styrene isoprene styrene rubber, tackifying resin, white mineral oil, etc. . Because the manufacturing and use environment of elastic rubber is usually at a high temperature of 130-170 ° C, it is also necessary to add antioxidants.

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In disposable sanitary products, the coating position of elastic glue is almost distributed on the material of each layer. According to the function of elastic glue, it can be mainly divided into three kinds of glue: positioning glue, structural glue and rubber rubber.

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