The Properties And Main Components Of SSS Non Woven Fabric

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1. There are many types of non woven fabric and many uses. Among them, the performance and main components of SSS non woven fabric  are mainly used in the production of diapers for infants and young children in daily life. SSS non woven fabric is a kind of double-layer spunbond. A new type of composite material that combines a non woven fabric and a layer of melt-blown non-woven fabric is more complicated in the production proceSSS and more detailed and high-end in application.

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2. Thin SSS non woven fabric are mainly softer, comfortable and breathable. Most of them are used to make sanitary products. For example, the layer of cloth on the surface of sanitary napkins used by our female friends is made of this SSS non woven fabric. Products similar to it include diapers for infants and young children, sanitary pads, the surface layer of adult incontinence pants, and the edge of the edge to prevent leakage of this material. The performance and main component of SSS non woven fabric is an environmentally friendly material, even if it is used for disposable goods, it will not bring environmental protection problems. SSS non woven fabric with moderate thickneSSS can be used to make medical supplies. Hospitals usually have high hygiene requirements, and many things are disposable, such as surgical masks, surgical gowns, gloves, etc., which are needed every day. One-time use, to avoid bacterial reproduction and lead to patient infection.

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3. Because of the poor resistance of infants and young children, many infant and young children's products are made of SSS non woven fabric to avoid the breeding of bacteria caused by repeated use. Most of infants and young children's diapers, wet wipes, changing pads, and diapers are made of SSS. For the production of non woven fabric, our demand for non woven fabric continues to increase. Because of the release of the two-child policy, many baby products need to use SSS non woven fabric. This is due to the performance and main characteristics of SSS non woven fabric. determined by the ingredients.

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