Versatile Use of SS Nonwoven Fabric in Diaper Manufacturing

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SS nonwoven fabric, also known as spunbond + spunbond nonwoven fabric, is a versatile material widely used in diaper manufacturing. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for various components of diapers, including the top sheet, back sheet, and acquisition layer. In this article, we will explore the versatile use of SS nonwoven fabric in diaper manufacturing.

1. Top Sheet

Air through non woven

The top sheet is the layer that comes in direct contact with the baby's skin. It needs to provide a soft and comfortable surface while allowing moisture to pass through. SS nonwoven fabric is perfect for this purpose. Its fine fibers create a smooth and gentle texture, ensuring a pleasant experience for the baby. At the same time, its excellent liquid permeability allows for quick absorption and distribution of urine, keeping the baby's skin dry and comfortable.

2. Back Sheet


The back sheet of a diaper acts as a barrier to prevent leakage. It must be waterproof yet breathable to ensure proper airflow and reduce the risk of diaper rash. SS nonwoven fabric excels in these aspects. With the addition of a waterproof coating, it becomes an excellent choice for the back sheet. The fabric's nonporous structure prevents liquids from penetrating while still allowing air circulation, keeping the baby's skin dry and preventing discomfort.

3. Acquisition Layer

Hot air non woven

The acquisition layer in a diaper is responsible for quickly absorbing and distributing urine evenly across the core. SS nonwoven fabric's high liquid permeability, combined with its ability to withstand wetting, makes it an ideal material for the acquisition layer. Its fine fibers provide a large surface area for efficient absorption, ensuring that the urine is rapidly captured and distributed, preventing leakage and keeping the baby's skin dry.

In conclusion, SS nonwoven fabric offers tremendous versatility in diaper manufacturing. Its use in the top sheet ensures a soft and comfortable surface for the baby while allowing quick absorption of urine. As a back sheet material, it provides a waterproof yet breathable barrier, preventing leakage and maintaining proper airflow. Additionally, its high liquid permeability and wetting resistance make it an excellent choice for the acquisition layer, ensuring efficient absorption and distribution of urine. The versatile properties of SS nonwoven fabric contribute to the overall performance and comfort of diapers, making it a preferred material in the industry.

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