The Use Of Spunbond Polypropylene

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1. Spunbond polypropylene is one of the main raw materials for making various textiles, sanitary materials, and fabric products. Different types of non woven fabrics often have great differences in patterns, colors, feel, texture and other characteristics. The demand for spunbond polypropylene non woven fabrics is usually processed into various portable packaging bags. In addition, a large number of spunbond polypropylene non woven fabrics are usually used in medical and sanitary materials.

Spunbond polypropylene

2. Introduction to the use of spunbond polypropylene:
A. Spunbond polypropylene can be widely used in shopping bags, gift bags, handbags, material bags, carpets and base fabrics, wall materials, furniture decoration, dustproof cloth, spring wrapping cloth, isolation cloth, sound cloth, bedding and Curtains, rags and other household daily operations industry.

B. Spunbond polypropylene can be widely used in clinical supplies, surgical gowns, hats, shoe covers, bandages, bandages, wet towels, cotton balls, masks, sterilization cloths, sanitary napkins, diapers, vacuum bags, tour underwear, incontinence products , wet and dry rags, cosmetic paper, sanitary materials and other medical and health industries.

spunbond non woven

C. Spunbond polypropylene can be widely used in automotive carpets, roofs, door trims, composite materials, seat materials, wall protection materials, etc.

D. Spunbond polypropylene non woven fabrics can be widely used in agricultural and horticultural industries such as thermal insulation, frost protection, insect control, lawn maintenance, plant mulch, seedling cloth, soilless cultivation, and artificial vegetation.

diaper non woven

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