Key Applications of Spunbond Non Woven Fabric in Diapers

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Spunbond non woven fabric has emerged as a versatile material with numerous applications in various industries. In the field of baby care products, spunbond non woven fabric finds extensive use in diapers. This article will explore the key applications of spunbond non woven fabric in diapers and highlight its advantages.

1. Top Sheet

Air through non woven

The top sheet in a diaper is responsible for maintaining dryness and comfort for the baby's delicate skin. Spunbond non woven fabric is an ideal choice for the top sheet due to its softness, breathability, and excellent liquid absorption capabilities. The fabric allows moisture to pass through while ensuring that the surface stays dry, preventing rashes and irritation. Additionally, its lightweight nature provides a comfortable feel for the baby.

2. Acquisition Layer

Hot air non woven

An acquisition layer plays a crucial role in absorbing and distributing the liquid throughout the diaper. Spunbond non woven fabric exhibits exceptional liquid permeability and quick absorption, making it an excellent material for the acquisition layer. The fabric's high tensile strength ensures that it can withstand multiple wettings without tearing or losing its functionality. Moreover, its uniform structure enables efficient distribution of liquid, preventing the formation of clumps and leakage.

3. Back Sheet


The back sheet in a diaper provides a waterproof barrier and prevents any leakage onto the baby's clothes or bedding. Spunbond non woven fabric is widely used as the back sheet due to its hydrophobic properties, which repel liquid effectively. The fabric's durability and resistance to tearing make it suitable for extended usage. Furthermore, it allows vapor transmission, maintaining a dry and comfortable environment for the baby's skin.

In conclusion, spunbond non woven fabric plays a vital role in the design and functionality of diapers. Its use in the top sheet ensures the baby's comfort by keeping the skin dry and preventing irritation. The fabric's high liquid absorption capabilities make it an excellent choice for the acquisition layer, efficiently distributing the liquid throughout the diaper. Additionally, its hydrophobic properties enable it to serve as a reliable back sheet, preventing any leakage. Overall, spunbond non woven fabric enhances the performance and reliability of diapers, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience for babies and caregivers alike.

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