Baby Diaper Topsheet: Spunbond non woven or Air through non woven fabric?

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The surface is one of the main structural materials of baby diapers, and it is also an important part of the surface that is in direct contact with the baby, so the comfort of the surface will directly affect the baby. Today, I will talk to you about two widely used diaper surface materials, The difference and advantages and disadvantages of air through non woven fabric and spunbond non woven.

spunbond non woven
In fact, baby changing is more or less unaccustomed and uncomfortable anyway. Compare my experience with sanitary pads to my mother's. Therefore, when mothers choose diapers for their babies, they must choose soft and comfortable diapers to improve the comfort of their babies!

It is understood that when sending the inner heat exchange to the baby diaper, the microfiber thermal non-woven technology is used. This technology can play a better role in air ventilation and can effectively relieve the stuffy and humid environment of the baby's butt. Reduces the likelihood of red butt, while the basement membrane feels softer and does rub 0 against the baby's skin.
airthrough non woven fabric
According to a recent survey on diapers, 20.47% of users are very concerned about breathability when purchasing diapers. The sweat pores of the baby's skin sweat glands are very small and cannot control the temperature of the skin. For example, the permeability of the diaper is not good. After the urine is absorbed, the heat and moisture gather in the diaper, which is easy to make the baby stuffy and may make the little butt red. Inflammation, leading to diaper rash.
When urine is produced, the inside of the diaper is in a hot and humid environment. Therefore, from a professional point of view, the so-called permeability actually refers to the permeability of water vapor, which can be expressed as the water vapor transmission rate (g/cm 2•24h). And the backsheet, the outermost layer of the diaper, is usually the main factor affecting the breathability of the diaper, and is also the same skin-friendly layer that needs to be in contact with the baby's skin. By utilizing the difference between water droplets (minimum droplet diameter of 20m) and water vapor molecules (diameter of 0.0004m), nonwovens for backing films can achieve waterproof and breathable effects.

diaper topsheet

So do you know how to choose? Spunbond non woven or air through non woven?

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