Features of Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric

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Hydrophilic non woven fabric is the opposite of hydrophobic non woven fabrics. Hydrophilic non woven fabric is made by adding hydrophilic agents in the production process of non woven fabrics, or adding hydrophilic agents to fibers during fiber production, and then producing non woven fabrics.

hydrophilic non woven fabric

The purpose of adding the hydrophilic agent is: the fiber or non woven fabric is a high-molecular polymer, and its own hydrophilic group is few, or there is no hydrophilic group, and the hydrophilic performance required in the application of non woven fabric cannot be achieved.

Therefore, a hydrophilic agent is added.

non woven fabric

The characteristics of hydrophilic non woven fabric are: let the non woven fabric have a certain ability to absorb moisture. In applications, such as medical supplies, hygiene care products, and the hydrophilic effect of hydrophilic non woven fabric, so that the liquid is quickly conducted into the absorbent core,the absorption performance of the hydrophilic non woven fabric itself is not good, and the general moisture regain is about 0.4%.

hydrophobic non woven fabric

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