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1. Production process

The production technology of spunmelt composite nonwoven fabric is a new composite nonwoven production process produced by integrating the spunbond and melt blown nonwoven processes. The spunmelt process makes full use of the advantages of two different technologies, and the shortcomings of the low strength of the meltblown nonwovens and the poor uniformity of the spunbonded nonwovens are eliminated by compounding each other, so that the spunmelt products have the inherent high strength and wear resistance of the spunbond layer. It also has good filtration efficiency, barrier performance, particle penetration resistance, hydrostatic pressure resistance, shielding property and appearance uniformity of the middle melt-blown layer, which greatly expands the application field of non-woven fabrics and realizes the realization of non-woven fabric equipment And new breakthroughs and new leaps in technology. SMS nonwoven fabric is a kind of spunmelt composite nonwoven fabric. This article briefly introduces sms non woven fabric price.

sms non woven fabric price

2. Price difference

Under the same specifications, the price of SMS non-woven fabrics varies greatly due to different manufacturers. A very important reason for the rapid development of spunbond SMS sanitary material non-woven fabrics is that it uses polypropylene as raw material, uses the principle of chemical fiber spinning, and is directly bonded into a cloth after spinning, which has a short process and high output. Low cost, stable quality, strong market competitiveness and so on. However, in order to reduce the amount of polypropylene used, some manufacturers of SMS sanitary material non-woven fabrics add calcium carbonate filler masterbatch to make it change in terms of price, processing process, production cost, and physical indicators. Generally speaking, for SMS non-woven fabrics of the same gram weight, the greater the proportion of fillers added, the lower the tensile strength of the fabric. In addition, because the density of heavy calcium is higher than that of PP, the relative weight of the fabric will be thinner. When fillers are added, the fibers become thicker and age and degrade quickly.

sms non woven

 If it is used for packaging materials such as geotextiles and sofa materials, it is acceptable to seek cheap packaging materials, but if it is used in the hygiene industry, there is a hidden danger of inducing cancer. Many customers have almost no concept of whether the raw materials have fillers when purchasing SMS sanitary material non-woven fabrics, which often leads to the production of 100% PP brand new SMS sanitary material non-woven fabrics that are not pleasing to this part of the customer group. When purchasing SMS sanitary material non-woven fabrics, it should be fully based on actual needs, and should not blindly pursue cheap prices.

non woven fabric price

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