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1. What is material nappy

From birth until the baby can take care of himself, the diaper has been with the baby, almost his second skin. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, there are more and more varieties of diapers on the market. This article provides a brief introduction to material nappies.

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2. Classification of material nappies

As far as material nappies are concerned, diapers are mainly divided into two types: cloth diapers and paper diapers.

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Of all baby diapers, cotton diapers have the longest history. The unique comfort and breathability of pure cotton is a major advantage of cotton diapers. Cotton diapers are less expensive and are reusable. Cloth diapers have better absorption and tightness, and are less likely to cause skin allergies or diaper rash, but they are inconvenient to clean and carry; paper diapers have the advantage of being easy to carry and do not need to be cleaned, but babies with allergic skin must be replaced frequently. Bamboo fiber diapers are widely used and popular in recent years. They are characterized by softer, better air permeability, natural antibacterial function, less odor, and easy to clean. They are welcomed by mothers, but compared with cotton diapers, The price is higher, and the use of cotton diapers and bamboo fiber diapers can effectively prevent the baby from having red buttocks, because these two diapers are more breathable. In summer, it is suitable to use bamboo fiber, which is cooler. The best material for making diapers is fine cotton yarn, which is hygroscopic and soft. Two layers of cotton yarn are just right for a diaper, neither will it affect water absorption because of the thinness, nor will it affect the movement because of the thickness. If someone thinks that such a diaper is too thin, use three layers of cotton yarn, and it can't be thicker, otherwise it will affect the baby's leg movements.

To sum up, this article briefly introduces material nappies, so that consumers can better choose diaper products.

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