Pe Film For Diaper Market Research Report

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1. Application of Pe Film For Diaper

PE film has been widely used in sanitary materials such as diapers and sanitary napkins. Its main manufacturers include Huahan, Zihua, Shunchang, Deshan, etc., and the main brands using it include Hengan, P & G, unicham, etc. Based on this, this article briefly introduces the market and forecast of pe film for diaper.

pe film for diaper market: about 2,500 tons/month in South China, about 3,000 tons/month in East China, and about 2,000 tons/month in North China;

Production capacity of the manufacturer: 2,000 tons/month in South China, 3,000 tons/month in East China, and 1,000 tons/month in North China.

PE film backsheet

Proportion of major suppliers of diapers:

P & G (Pampers) 31.3%

Hengan (Hengan Group) 21.7

unicham (Unicham) 6.9%

Everbeauty 5.5%

Kimberty 4.6%

chinaus 5.1%

The other 24.9%.

In recent years, the market volume of China's disposable sanitary products has been expanding, and the growth rate is also accelerating. It is worth noting that the brand concentration of diapers is relatively high.

pe film

2.The main manufacturers of pe film for diaper

The main manufacturers of pe film for diaper include Huahan, Zihua, Shunchang and Deshan. In addition, there are Quanzhou Hengfeng, Foshan Wanjia and so on.

Main raw material of pe film for diaper Major manufacturer of breathable masterbatch

The main raw material of pe film for diaper, the main manufacturers of breathable masterbatch include SK, Jinfa, and Guangzhou Synthetic. Among them, SK's breathable masterbatch is made in China, specifically in Guangdong, with 4000~6000 tons a year. The market sales volume of Kingfa is more than 10000 tons every year, and the main markets are Fujian, Guangdong and other places. The main market of Guangzhou Synthetic is the Jiangnan area, with an annual market volume of about 12,000 tons.

There has always been a stable demand for pe film for diaper in the international market. With the development of the times and the increasing awareness of health among Chinese people, it is believed that the domestic demand for pe film for diaper will continue to grow with the popularity of disposable sanitary products.

pe film for diaper

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