Structural Optimization Of Spandex Waistband Nonwoven

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1.spandex waistband nonwoven

At present, the disposable wearing articles that people often use, such as baby pull-up pants, adult pull-up pants, women's menstrual care pants, etc., are provided with spandex waistband nonwoven around the waist to prevent loosening of the waist. The elastic elastic bands are often arranged parallel to the waist of the existing wearing articles, and the elastic force of each elastic body is basically the same when worn, which cannot fit the user's waist well, and it is easy to be too tight or too loose, which affects the use of the user. feel. Patent No. CN201610786204.1 discloses a method for arranging spandex waistband nonwoven diapers. In this method, a plurality of elastic arrangement areas are sequentially arranged on the waistline from top to bottom, so that the elastics are arranged at different intervals, although The comfort of the waistline has been improved, but this kind of diaper still has defects: because all the elastic bands in the waistline are designed in parallel, it is not easy to fit with the human body, and there are many folds formed, which are uneven and rough in appearance;

 spandex nonwoven

The elasticity is difficult to control, and the elastic band sticks firmly to the skin, which is prone to scratches, making it difficult to ensure wearing comfort and long-term use. Based on this, the patent No. 202122293306.9 discloses a spandex waistband nonwoven structure and a wearing article having the spandex waistband nonwoven structure. The waist member in the same expansion and contraction direction, the surrounding member and the waist member share a non-elastic fabric layer and are superimposed; in the surrounding member, the first sheet and the second sheet pass through the elastic hole A plurality of first joints are combined together, and in the waist member, the elastic body is folded between the second sheets without passing through the second joints.

 spandex waistband nonwoven

2.spandex waistband nonwoven for comfort

The beneficial effects provided by the patent are: the spandex waistband nonwoven structure is divided into a combination of two elastic and stretchable structures, the wrapping member and the waistband member. The wrapping member has smaller wrinkles, smooth cloth appearance and close-fitting experience. The component has strong elastic strength and softness, which prevents the rubber band from clinging to the skin and causing scratches, ensuring wearing comfort and long-term use.

spandex waistband

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