Optimizing The Disposal Tape Applicator

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1. Why do you need disposal tape

Sanitary pads, pet pads, food pads, etc. are disposable sanitary products commonly used in daily life. Sanitary pads or sanitary pads or pet pads can absorb sweat secreted by patients or pets or excreted urine, blood or feces, etc., and have Strong water-locking function to prevent liquid back seepage; food pads can absorb and wrap leftovers, etc., but during use, if the sanitary pads are saturated or the liquid is secreted a lot, it is easy to follow the patient's skin or It flows on both sides, and after use, it is easy to produce peculiar smell. When the medical staff collects it, it is easy to contaminate the gloves of the nursing staff. During the collection process, the peculiar smell is emitted, or liquid drips on the ward, which will cause pollution in the ward and easily cause Cross-infection, the use effect is poor.

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2. Effect of Disposal tape

In order to solve the above problems, disposal tape is applied to many hygienic products at present. After use, the sanitary products can be glued to the closure through the disposal tape, which is convenient to dispose of and discarded, and is not easy to dirty hands. In this way, it is necessary to install a disposal tape applicator on the production line for disposal tape The application of the disposal tape applicator directly affects the adhesion firmness of the abandoned tape on the sanitary products. There are often situations in the market where the abandoned tape on the sanitary products does not adhere firmly, which makes the user accidentally use it when using it. The easy tape will be torn off, which does not achieve the expected effect of convenient disposal of sanitary products.

Based on this, Patent No. 201921752859.2 proposes an easy tape applicator, the solution of which is: the easy tape applicator includes a cutter assembly, a bottom roller assembly and a beating assembly arranged up and down; the cutter assembly includes at least one fixed on the first The cutter on the rotating shaft; the bottom roller in the bottom roller assembly is fixed on the second rotating shaft, a negative pressure fan is fixed in the cavity of the bottom roller, and the cavity side wall of the bottom roller has several through holes; the beating assembly includes at least one The beating roller fixed on the third rotating shaft; the first rotating shaft, the second rotating shaft and the third rotating shaft are arranged parallel to each other, the cutting knife rotates once with the first rotating shaft, and the beating roller rotates once with the third rotating shaft. The outer side walls are tangent at some point.

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3. Disposal tape applicator

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects brought by this patent are:

This device transports the disposal tape on the disposal tape roll to the bottom roller in the bottom roller assembly through the conveying roller. Under the suction of the negative pressure fan, the disposal tape is adsorbed on the outer wall of the cavity of the bottom roller. When the second rotating shaft rotates, the disposal tape rotates with the bottom roller; while the bottom roller drives the discard sticker to rotate, the cutter also rotates with the first rotating shaft. When the cutter rotates to be tangent to the bottom roller, the bottom roller can be A certain length of disposal tape is cut and separated from the rest of the disposal tape. The cut off disposal tape continues to be adsorbed on the bottom roller under the suction of the negative pressure fan and rotates with the bottom roller. When it rotates below the bottom roller, it passes through the bottom roller and The sanitary products between the beating rollers are bonded and recombined; at the same time, the beating rollers also rotate with the third rotating shaft. The bottom roller is tangent, and at this time, the beating roller will pat the compounded sanitary products and disposal tape between the beating roller and the bottom roller to bond them more firmly; after that, the sanitary products compounded with disposable stickers will will be sent to the next process.

It can be seen that the disposal tape applicator has increased the beating assembly, so that the composite sanitary products and the disposal tape can be slapped once by the beating roller in the beating assembly and then transported to the next process, so that the sanitary products and the disposal stickers can be separated. The bond between them is stronger, which effectively prevents the user from tearing off the disposal tape by mistake during use, which will affect the use effect.

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