How To Evaluate The Performance Of S-cut Adhesive Side Tape?

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1.What is S-cut adhesive side tape

S-cut refers to the process of cutting in an S shape. S-cut adhesive side tape is also called Velcro. It is a structure on diapers. It is a form of buckle used for fixing. It is different from another type of adhesive side tape. Form PP stickers, PP stickers are scraped on the PP film.

So how to evaluate the effect after the S-cut adhesive side tape is compounded online? In addition to the basic indicators of viscosity softening point and odor, there is another very important indicator is stickiness at 40°C. According to general industry statistics, the stickiness of the ear stickers is greater than 10 minutes, and the stickiness of the magic buckle is greater than 20 minutes.

Adhesive side tape

2. S-cut adhesive side tape stickiness test method

Lap the Velcro to the front waist sticker, cut this part, hang it in a 40°C oven, and record the time for the ear sticker to fall off from the nonwoven fabric. This is stickiness at 40°C.

Test environment temperature: ±40°C, relative humidity: ±50%.

pp side tape

3.The test steps are as follows:

Neatly cut the magic buckle and the front waist sticker of the Sadhesive side tape on the diaper, simulate the baby's use process, and overlap the two together;

A 1kg weight is hung from the lower end of the front waist sticker;

The S-cut part is threaded with wooden strips and hung vertically in a 40°C oven to simulate the baby's body temperature;

Record the time when the ear stickers are detached from the diaper nonwoven fabric, that is, the sticky time of the ear stickers;

To test the stickiness of the Velcro, the method is the same as above, but the ear stickers and the diaper non-woven fabric must be stapled together with a stapler to ensure that this part will not fall off first during the test.

The stickiness test at 40°C is of great significance. In the process of using diapers, the baby applies a long-term slight tension to the S-stick adhesive side tape, rather than an instantaneous peeling force. It can be concluded from the test that the stickiness at different temperatures varies greatly, and the reason why the stickiness is chosen at 40°C is to simulate the temperature of the human body.

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