Improvement Of Clothlike Film

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1. Improve the clothlike film

Infants, young children and other dependent persons are often required to wear disposable absorbent articles, such as diapers. The function of a disposable absorbent article is to contain excreta and to isolate these excreta from the wearer's body and clothing and bedding. Disposable absorbent articles, such as diapers, generally consist of a liquid topsheet, a liquid impermeable backsheet, and an absorbent and liquid containing absorbent core disposed between the liquid permeable topsheet and the liquid impermeable backsheet. Thus, the absorbent core is the core component of a disposable absorbent article, acting as a carrier for absorbing and receiving body fluids.

However, in order to improve the air permeability of the air-permeable film and increase the wearing comfort of the absorbent product, the methods that are often used include increasing the air-permeable pores on the air-permeable film, or increasing the number of air-permeable pores, but with the increase of the air-permeable pores, when stretching The air-permeable film may cause adjacent pores to merge into large pores due to tearing. It can be seen that although these methods improve the air permeability of the air-permeable film, they also cause water permeability, resulting in the existing clothlike film due to the penetration of moisture. The outer layer (non-woven fabric layer) feels extremely wet, and even body fluid leakage is prone to occur when the absorbent product is used for a long time, which greatly reduces the quality and wearing comfort of the absorbent product.

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2. Improve the breathability of clothlike film

In order to improve the air permeability of the clothlike film while maintaining the dryness of its outer layer, Patent No. 201821699455.7 proposes a composite breathable bottom film. The solution is: the composite breathable bottom film includes a breathable film layer and a non-woven fabric layer. A moisture-absorbing layer is arranged between the air-permeable film layer and the non-woven fabric layer, and connecting parts are arranged at intervals along the width and transverse direction of the moisture-absorbing layer, and the connecting parts connect the air-permeable film layer and the non-woven fabric layer as a whole. A moisture-absorbing strip is arranged between two adjacent connecting parts, and the connecting part and the moisture-absorbing strip both extend to both ends along the longitudinal direction of the length of the moisture-absorbing layer; A plurality of protruding strips protruding to the outside of the nonwoven fabric layer are set, each of the convex strips extends to both ends along the length and longitudinal direction of the nonwoven fabric layer, and two adjacent convex strips are parallel to each other . The connecting part is a hot-melt adhesive coating, and the moisture-absorbing strip is a high water-absorbing fiber bundle. The two longitudinal sides of the bottom of each raised strip are respectively provided with thermal joints at intervals, and the distribution track of the thermal joints extends along the longitudinal side to both ends.

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The beneficial technical effect of this scheme is: its hygroscopic layer can capture and absorb the moisture permeated from the air-permeable film layer, thereby removing the moisture contained in the air when the air diffuses from the inside of the absorbent product to the outside, and the raised strips on the nonwoven layer The ventilation area is increased, and the ventilation volume of the clothlike film is improved. Therefore, the utility model improves the gas permeability of the clothlike film through the cooperation of the moisture-absorbing layer and the convex strip. On the one hand, it avoids the clothlike film caused by the penetration of moisture in the existing The film feels moist to the touch, even in the case of body fluid leakage when the absorbent product is used for a long time, on the other hand, the breathability and wearing comfort of the absorbent product applied with the clothlike film are improved.

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