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Coated PE film non woven fabric is also called coated PE film composite non woven fabric, which is a new type of fabric. The so called coated PE film non woven fabric is to coat a layer of plastic film on the non woven fabric, which is generally a product formed by coating the plastic that is heated at high temperature into a hot melt state and cooling the non woven fabric. Or a layer of PE material is added to the PP non woven fabric, which can also be interpreted as a color printing film, which is bonded to the non woven fabric to express rich colors. Coated PE film composite non-woven fabric has a better hand feeling than composite non-woven fabric, and its texture is more realistic than laser composite non woven fabric.

1. Surface texture of Coated PE film non woven fabric

There are dozens of patterns in the market now,square pattern/bark pattern/small hole pattern/pinhole pattern/mice pattern/mouse pattern/drawing pattern/crocodile pattern/stripe pattern/mouth pattern/dot pattern / cross pattern etc.

2. Features of Coated PE film non woven fabric

The Coated PE film non woven fabric is made of PP, PE and other material films as the waterproof layer, with high strength non woven fabric as the supporting layer, and is made by the coated PE film process. At the same time, it can give the material color, antibacterial, water absorption and other functions.

 Coated PE film

The material has:

A. Air permeability: It has superior and uniform air permeability, effectively isolates moisture, and discharges heat and moisture.

B. Softness: It has an excellent hand feeling, making the product more soft and comfortable.

C. Mechanical properties: excellent tensile and elongation properties.

D. Chemical properties: not easy to corrode, easy to print, and resistant to sunlight and high temperature.

E. Features such as waterproof, liquid-proof, breathable, environmental protection and high strength.


Coated PE film composite non woven fabrics are widely used, mainly in the fields of medical treatment, hygiene products, protection, industry and automobile industry.

In short, the coated PE film non woven fabric is not interwoven and knitted together by yarns one by one, but the fibers are directly bonded together through physical methods, which breaks through the traditional textile principle, And it has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many sources of raw materials.

Coated film

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