Production Process Of Adult Diaper Non Woven Fabric

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1.Introduction to Adult diaper non woven fabric

Disposable hygiene products such as feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, and adult incontinence products have become indispensable disposable products in people's lives. Under the general health environment, people's living standards are improving day by day, and traditional disposable sanitary products have been difficult to meet people's demand for their functionality and high quality. The replacement and functional upgrading of disposable sanitary nonwoven materials are research hotspots in this field in recent years. Under this background, this article briefly describes the production process of adult diaper non woven fabric.

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2.Production process of Adult diaper non woven fabric

Traditional disposable sanitary nonwoven materials can be divided into two categories: short fiber nonwoven materials and filament nonwoven materials. The production process of short-fiber disposable sanitary nonwovens is mainly spunlace nonwovens and hot air nonwovens. Among them, spunlace nonwovens can be used as wrapping materials for sanitary napkins and absorbent cores of diapers, but the production cost is high. Problems have limited its application; due to its fluffy and soft characteristics, air-through nonwovens are mainly used in the surface layer of disposable sanitary products to meet people's requirements for soft and comfortable skin-adhesive materials. The production process of filament disposable sanitary nonwoven materials is mainly spunbond nonwoven technology and spunbond/meltblown composite nonwoven technology. Among them, spunbond nonwoven materials have good friction resistance and less fuzz, and are more used in disposable However, after the rise of hot air nonwoven materials with better softness, the application of spunbond nonwoven materials in the surface layer has been greatly reduced; spunbond/melt blown composite nonwoven materials (SMS, SMMS , SSMMS, etc., S means spunbond layer, M means meltblown layer) has good side leakage prevention effect and mechanical properties, but due to cost constraints, it is generally only used in side leakage prevention partitions of diapers.

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3.Development of Adult diaper non woven fabric

Electrospinning technology is a kind of electrostatic jet stretching spinning technology, which is a method of preparing nanofibers. The prepared nanofiber membrane has the characteristics of large specific surface area and high porosity, and the structure, size and shape are controllable. The application prospect is broad. Combining electrospinning technology and "Nanospider" technology at room temperature, BOKOVA et al. mixed polyacrylic acid, polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene glycol as spinning liquid, and successfully spun nonwoven fiber membranes with fiber diameters of 120-400 nm. It has higher hydrophilicity and hygroscopicity than general industrial nonwoven products, and has certain application potential in disposable hygiene products, but the large-scale production of electrospun materials is the bottleneck faced by this technology.In the past ten years, my country's disposable sanitary products have developed rapidly, various products have grown from scratch, productivity levels and consumption levels have continued to increase, and market penetration has continued to rise. Paying attention to the development of the production process of adult diaper non woven fabric will help people better understand this emerging industry.

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