What Are The Polymers In The Baby Diaper Raw Material List?

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Nappies are an essential part of a baby's life and they are indispensable as they grow up. Although many parents are buying diapers for their babies, they do not know much about the composition of the nappy material.

baby diaper raw material list

1. What are the polymers on the baby diaper raw material list?

A. The scientific name of water absorption/water locking factor is polymer water absorbing resin, commonly known as water locking beads, is a new type of polymer material, it can absorb hundreds to thousands of times its own weight of water, non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting; strong water absorption capacity, high water retention capacity, high molecular weight polymer obtained through acrylic polymerization → high water retention, the balance of absorption under high load, the water absorbed cannot be squeezed out by simple physical methods It can be repeatedly released and absorbed. The water absorption factor expands when it absorbs water and feels Q-tip to the touch. This is because it absorbs several hundred to a thousand times its own weight in water and expands. However the water it absorbs cannot be squeezed out by simple physical means! 

B. We use saline and artificial plasma in our tests of polymer absorbent resins and nappies to better match the actual conditions of use. Nappies are made up of an absorbent core consisting mainly of wood pulp and polymer absorbent resin, as well as non-woven fabric, tissue paper, elastic and adhesive. Consumer requirements for diapers are that they do not leak and that they are absorbent and water-retentive, and that they dry the baby's skin surface and are comfortable to wear. The main requirements of diaper manufacturers for baby diaper raw material list are water retention, speed of penetration, liquid diffusion and leak resistance. The contribution of each performance is different, such as the surface of the infusion layer of the non-nuisance cloth on the speed of penetration, liquid diffusion range has a relatively large impact, while polymer absorbent resin will have a relatively large impact on the diaper and other back seepage performance, absorbent resin manufacturers, about 70% of the contribution from the absorption resin.

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2.baby diaper raw material list of polymer has what effect

A. After the diaper is worn just stuck in the baby's waist, if the newborn's umbilical cord has not yet fallen off, once the baby has movement, there will be friction between the umbilical cord and the diaper, easy to make the skin abrasion, inflammation, bleeding and other problems. To avoid such problems, mothers can fold the part of the nappy that is close to the baby's umbilicus inwards or turn it outwards after putting the nappy on, as long as they ensure that the nappy will not come into contact with the baby's navel and rub against it, no problems will arise.

B. When babies use nappies, they will also become dependent on them. If they use them for a long time, they will not have any worries when they urinate and will go as they wish, so they will not be psychologically nervous about urinating and will naturally not have a urination reflex. 

C. When babies use nappies, because their skin is very sensitive, so long time use, has been in a state of sweltering, not timely replacement, the baby's bottom will grow red rash, and the problem of this rash is called nappy rash, nappy rash will appear there will be a large area, long time without treatment, will make the baby's genitals and buttocks have a painful feeling, once there is no timely If the nappy is not changed in time, this problem can occur

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