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Nappies play a huge role for newborn babies. This is because they keep the baby fresh and ensure personal hygiene, but there is a type of nappy called diaper display nappies. What is the purpose of baby diaper raw materials? baby diaper raw materials allows parents to see if the nappy is clean so that they can change the nappy in a more timely manner.

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1. The role of baby diaper raw materials

A.The diaper adhesive is a coloured strip on the outermost layer of the diaper. The basic function of the diaper adhesive is that when the diaper strip is soaked with baby's urine, it will visibly change or fade in colour so that mothers and fathers can visually determine whether their baby needs a nappy change.

B.There are two main types of mainstream nappy display function: one is ink nappy display technology and the other is heat fused nappy display technology. Most of the nappy functions that change colour use hot melt technology, while those that fade and disappear mainly use ink nappy technology.

C.Inked urine technology is used when urine washes away the small molecules of colour in the ink, the colour disappears and the indication of the urine strip is achieved. This simple and brutal physical method naturally does not involve a chemical reaction.

D. Hot-melt diaper technology This technology uses a diaper adhesive made from a hot-melt adhesive combined with a substance that has colour-sensitive properties to pH. When urine soaks the nappy and is transferred to the surface of the diaper adhesive, it causes a change in its pH level, which in turn causes a colour change. This is similar to the pH test paper we are familiar with to test the acidity of the solution to measure the amount of urine.

E.Generally speaking, diapers are made up of three parts: the surface covering layer, the absorbent core layer and the bottom film. Attentive mothers find that the urine display strip is often on the outermost surface of the diaper, on the bottom membrane, to facilitate timely viewing by mothers. The diaper strip is not in direct contact with the baby at all.

F.The absorbent core of the nappy contains numerous absorbent beads which quickly expand to several times their original volume after absorbing the urine. It is very difficult for the colour on the diaper strip to pass through this thick resin wall, and the risk to the baby is naturally minimal.

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2.Our baby diaper raw materials

A.First of all, our baby diaper raw materials are soft and very skin-friendly. Babies' skin is very sensitive and our nappies are made of a very soft and comfortable material so that babies do not suffer from nappy rash. Secondly, the breathability has its own patented design. To ensure that the diapers are breathable, Kao nappies have a patented concave and convex mesh design which enhances the breathability of the nappies. Furthermore, the diapers are reasonably designed to ensure that the skin contact area is less than 50 per cent.

B.Our baby diaper raw materials are also uniquely designed to ensure their breathability by ensuring that the contact area between the nappy and the baby's skin is less than 50% when the baby is sitting or standing, which in turn enhances their breathability, so the nappies do a very good job in terms of breathability.

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