What Material Diapers Are Made Of

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Diapers and nappies are very similar, but in recent years they have become more popular, mainly because they are easier to use and relatively inexpensive, so many mothers are more likely to buy diapers. So, what are material diapers made of? Let's find out the answer to this question!

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1.Material diapers

Nappies are made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin, PE film and rubber bands. The plant-based fibre material fluff pulp and a certain amount of polymer absorbent resin are added to the absorbent layer to enhance the absorption effect and lock in moisture.

The key technology at the heart of diapers is the "core". Technically speaking, the diaper core has undergone three revolutions so far. Diapers are disposable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable products made from raw materials such as corn, soy or buckwheat fibres, and are available for children and adults.

Surface layer: made of non woven fabric, in direct contact with the baby's skin, receives the liquid and passes it on to the next layer

Conductive layer: made of non woven fabric,which transfers the liquid received by the surface layer evenly to the absorbent layer

Absorbent layer: made of polymer absorbent resin (SAP for short) mixed with fleece fibres, the most important functional layer of material diapers, used to absorb water and store urine

Bottom layer: made of PE film or PE film + non woven fabric, the main function is to prevent leaks

Many mothers naively believe that their baby's diapers are filled with cotton and rely on cotton to absorb water. When you uncover the surface of the diaper, you will find that inside are small bead like particles, mixed with lint fibres. Cotton certainly absorbs water, but the speed of absorption and the ability to lock in water are far less than the new polymer absorbent resin.

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2.Material diapers are used for

A.Temporary ice packs

If someone at home has a sprain or a fever, you can take a diaper and suck up an appropriate amount of clean water, then put it in a bag, put it in the freezer for ten minutes and take it out, the temporary ice bag is ready, then hold it and gently apply it to the redness and swelling.

B.Make potted plants to keep flowers and plants

The hydrogel and cotton wool inside the nappy has a good water absorption capacity, and mixed with the soil, it is a good moisture regulator. The hydrogel stretches and swells will have a good ability to absorb and release water, absorbing excess water from the plant and slowly releasing it when the plant is short of water. Soil containing hydrogel will make plants grow tall and strong.


Some mothers have run out of sanitary napkins stocked up at home when they have their period. This is a good time to use your baby's unused nappies as sanitary napkins, which are not only very absorbent but also very large, easy to fix and do not have problems with side leaks or spills.

Guiding the urine along the nappy in the longitudinal direction and spreading it so that the urine is absorbed evenly by the core and does not become partially thickened and prevent subsequent absorption by the core, material diapers are of great use.

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