Problems In The Development Of Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Industry

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The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has made masks an indispensable part of people's daily life. However, in this special period of extremely unbalanced supply and demand, all kinds of masks are in short supply, and the reality behind this is that the supply of meltblown non woven fabric, an important raw material for the production of medical masks, is insufficient. This article analyzes the main problems existing in the development of meltblown non woven fabric industry.

1. The technical threshold of meltblown non woven fabric is high

Meltblown non woven fabric mainly uses polymer resin as raw material. It is a kind of fabric with a fiber diameter of 1-5μm produced by meltblown process. The production process control is relatively complicated, and equipment manufacturers have influence on product quality, material internal structure, application Many key technologies and production process control of the environment are not well mastered, which leads to the need for production enterprises to invest more process technology and R&D strength. As a series of combined processes, the meltblown process is difficult to meet the production needs of all different products with a single equipment and process parameters. Multinational enterprises have long occupied the high-end and active position of the global vertical division of labor by virtue of their leading technology and supply chain integration advantages, leading to the entry of domestic related enterprises. High-tech, high-value-added markets require strong technical support.

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2. The capital investment of meltblown non woven fabric is large

On the one hand, meltblown non woven fabric has broad market prospects as a substitute for traditional textiles or a consumer upgrade product, but when producing multiple different products or responding to the needs of different application fields, special production equipment, technology research and development and equipment need to be introduced Capital investment leads to a substantial increase in costs, and ordinary enterprises cannot afford this risk. On the other hand, the coordinated development of the domestic industrial chain is still insufficient, and the special fiber raw materials, equipment products and application fields have not yet formed an effective connection. Industry enterprises need to improve their competitiveness by introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology and equipment, which objectively increases the capital of enterprises. barrier.

3.meltblown non woven fabric is greatly influenced by the market

The meltblown non woven fabric and its downstream application market are greatly affected by external policies and special events. During the epidemic, the demand for meltblown non woven fabric has exploded, and the unit price per ton has risen from 20,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan. In the face of the huge gap, meltblown non woven fabric is still in short supply. It is expected that the domestic production capacity of meltblown non woven fabric will increase to 100,000 tons after the epidemic. In general, the high homogeneity of meltblown cloth products has caused them not to be valued by the market, and the market demand remains low. Most of the equipment introduced by the company in the early stage is idle, and most of the production lines can only produce PP meltblown cloth. , the operating pressure is high.

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4.meltblown non woven fabric has high requirements for talents

In the early stage of the development of my country's meltblown non woven fabric industry, it mainly used labor to develop in an extensive way. The products are mainly positioned in the low-end field, while the mid-to-high-end field has high requirements for comprehensive technology development, product design, and cross-disciplinary cooperation between technical teams. The reserve and support of a large number of outstanding interdisciplinary professionals in materials science, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, spinning, and mechanical structure. Taking coating composite technology as an example, a qualified technical service engineer needs to undergo rigorous training and years of professional technical accumulation in order to have the quality to accurately grasp technical difficulties. This situation forms a professional talent gap to a certain extent.

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The meltblown non woven fabric industry in my country started early and achieved large-scale development in the early 21st century. Understanding the main problems existing in the current development of the meltblown non woven fabric industry is conducive to its better development.

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