Hygiene Products Tissue Sap Paper Ushered In New Changes

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As we all know, tissue sap paper is the core part of diapers and sanitary napkins. What is the absorption performance and water storage performance of the product, whether there is a fault, lump, reverse osmosis, thickness, whether it is dry and breathable, these pain points in the use of diapers and sanitary napkins , depending on its performance. Therefore, tissue sap paper can be said to be the core key technology that determines the quality of sanitary products such as diapers and sanitary napkins.

SAP paper 

1. Development background of glue-free tissue sap paper

my country has been committed to its research and development, and there have been four generations in the market. In the final analysis, there are mainly two ways. One is the traditional core that directly mixes the fluff pulp and SAP with each other; Composite core with paper (or fluffy non-woven fabric), SAP fixed in layers.

It can be said that it has been developing and has never stopped, but its advantages and disadvantages still coexist. For example, although the traditional one has good water absorption, it is easy to break up and thick; and some solve the traditional problems. , but it is not comfortable enough, and the water retention is limited... Therefore, our country needs another revolution of upgrading and innovation.

 airlaid paper

2. Know glue-free tissue sap paper

Adhesive-free tissue sap paper, as the name suggests, does not contain hot melt adhesive.

It uses PP and PE to form fluffy substrates online, embed fluff paddles and SAP respectively, and press to form hot-melt fibers intertwined with each other and combined with adhesive force to form at one time. At the same time, the fluff paddle and SAP can be increased by one or two or decreased by one or two according to the needs.

It has the following characteristics:

No thermal sol, good permeability;

The speed of multiple absorption is smoother;

High connectivity, no weight, no breakage, excellent flatness;

One-time molding, low production cost;

Avoid material processing contamination and have antibacterial molecules.

Its successful research and development can be said to have realized the fifth revolution of core technology in my country, and comprehensively solved the contradictions and pain points that the absorbent paper of disposable sanitary products (sanitary napkins, diapers, adult nursing pads, etc.) could not solve in the past.

 tissue sap paper

The composite tissue sap paper will lead the domestic diaper brand to achieve overtaking on the curve, and the highly potential non-adhesive tissue sap paper will officially open the "curtain of the 5.0 era of disposable hygiene products", let us wait and see.

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