The Main Raw Material Of Adult Incontinence Products - The Trend Of Non Woven Roll

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The overall development of China's adult incontinence products market is later than that of sanitary napkins and baby diapers. It is currently in a growth stage, and both market sales and market penetration are growing rapidly. This article describes the trend of non woven roll, the main raw material of adult incontinence products.

1.non woven roll with soft and comfortable

There are higher requirements for soft and comfortable, mild incontinence products, especially pull-up pants. Comparing the performance differences between hot air, spunbond and HiLoft™ non woven rolls, it can be found that although hot air has the best bulk, it is less suitable for elastic waists due to its poor bending softness. The HiLoft™ fabric is based on the self-crimping technology of side-by-side bicomponent fibers, and after being combined with elastic elastic or elastic film, it is used to stretch the waistline of pants, with the best softness and comfort.

 non woven roll

2.non woven roll and elastic fit

For elastic fit, the current light incontinence products, especially the elastic structure of pull-up pants, are mainly made of non-woven roll and elastic elastic composite materials, and the proportion of elastic film composite structure is on the rise. By comparing the performance differences between the elastic elastic composite structure, the elastic film composite structure and the elastic non-woven fabric and composite structure, it can be found that the elastic non-woven fabric and the composite structure have the best comprehensive performance in terms of thickness, air permeability and wearing comfort. .

 adult diaper non woven fabric

3.non woven roll and dryness

Moderate to severe adult incontinence products have the greatest need for absorbency and dryness. The core structure of this type of product is still dominated by traditional fluff pulp and SAP, and the diversion layer plays a significant role in accelerating the liquid infiltration rate, reducing the back infiltration and improving the dryness. The materials of the diversion layer are currently mainly divided into hot air, chemically bonded non-woven fabrics and perforated membranes. By comparing the performance differences of the three, it can be found that the perforated membranes have low liquid holding capacity, and their thickness decays more under pressure. Small and other advantages, the dryness performance is the best in actual use.

 baby diaper non woven fabric

To sum up, in terms of the raw material trends of adult incontinence products, the improvement of elastic structure/material is of great significance in improving the fit comfort of pull-up pants. Soft spunbond, hot air and the latest Highloftnon woven roll material can better improve the softness and comfort of adult incontinence products. Dry infusion layers such as perforated films can improve the performance of severe incontinence products and protect skin health.

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