What Is The Use Of PE Wrapping Film For Sanitary Napkins?

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With the development and progress of the times, people's hygiene awareness has gradually strengthened, and more and more hygiene products have been invented. The sanitary napkin is an epoch-making invention to maintain women's physical health. It is known as one of the top ten inventions affecting human beings in the 20th century. This article briefly introduces the film, one of the raw materials of sanitary napkins, and the function of pe wrapping film.

PE wrapping film

1. What is the PE wrapping film of sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkins are divided into outer packaging and inner packaging.

The outer packaging is what we usually see, it may be a plastic material or a carton, or other materials. The function of the outer packaging is to facilitate the transportation and storage of the sanitary napkin.

Then there used to be only some sanitary napkins, but now it has gradually become the mainstream inner packaging, that is, after opening the outer packaging, you can only see the packaging on each piece of sanitary napkin, that is, the envelope of the sanitary napkin, as the name suggests , it wraps the sanitary napkin.

 PE Pouch film

2. What is the use of pe wrapping film for sanitary napkins?

First of all, the existence of the sanitary napkin pe wrapping film improves the safety of the sanitary napkin. Each piece of sanitary napkin is sterilized when it leaves the factory. This film can prevent the contact between the sanitary napkin and the outside world, prevent the invasion of bacteria, reduce the probability of female infection and inflammation, and also avoid the invasion of mosquitoes. No one wants to open the blind. Just like the box, when I was in a hurry to use it, I found a little bug squirming on it and smiling at you, right?

At the same time, it can also facilitate the storage and carrying of the sanitary napkin. Many girls have the habit of storing sanitary napkins in the bathroom. In fact, this is not safe. There may be water vapor intrusion, which may make girls feel wet when using them, and may also lead to the invasion of bacteria. Also, for things like going out for shopping, you should always keep a few pieces in your bag for backup. If there is no packaging, put them in the bag. God knows how many things will come into contact with them, right?

Therefore, it exists mainly to keep sanitary napkins sterile and safe before use.

PE film backsheet 

As an epoch-making invention, sanitary napkins have been widely used in daily life. Understanding the film as one of the raw materials and the use of pe wrapping film will help women use sanitary napkins better.

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