The Main Classification Of Wing Release Paper

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1. Coated wing release paper

After the base paper is coated, the release agent is coated on the coated surface to produce the wing release paper.

Because there are paper wool and fibers on the surface of the paper, the coating must reach a certain amount to ensure that there is no penetration point, to ensure that the silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, and to ensure that there will be no poor peeling. Generally, the amount of coated paper is 16 grams per square meter. In theory, as long as the tape can be peeled off from it, the lowest amount of coating is allowed.

It is divided into single shower and double shower. Generally, the single sided one is single sprayed, and of course, there are also double sprinkled single sided, because the release surface is generally 20 grams thicker, and the non release surface is generally 15 grams thinner, so the release paper is relatively flat. If it is a coated paper with a double sided coating amount of 22 grams, it is more suitable for double sided.

Generally, all wood pulp paper is used. If straw pulp paper is used, there will be a lot of paper scraps and easily broken edges during die cutting. All wood pulp paper is generally referred to as kraft paper, such as natural kraft paper (commonly known as: Benniu), white kraft paper (commonly known as: white cattle), yellow kraft paper (commonly known as: Japanese yellow cattle), blue kraft paper (commonly known as: Indonesian blue cattle). Of course, all wood pulp double adhesive paper is also used as the base paper, photographic paper is used as the base paper, and coated paper, white board paper, cow card, milk card and other papers are used as the base paper.

As long as the paper plastic fastness of the lamination film can meet the requirements, as long as the lamination film has no penetration points and the lamination film is uniform and flat, any paper can be used as the base paper.

 release paper

2. Glassin wing release paper

Wing release paper is produced by coating a release agent on glassine base paper after overpressure.

Glassin is super calendered and the paper is very firm.

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance. 

3.CCK wing release paper

CCK base paper is the wing release paper produced by coating the surface with a layer of special clay and then coating the release agent.

Because of its high temperature resistance, it is widely used in the carbon fiber industry.

The clay on the surface of CCK base paper and easy to destroy silicone, so there are still a few CCK release paper produced in China that can really pass the test.

silicone paper 

4. Other wing release paper

In addition, there are some wing release papers that are widely used in many industries, and some do not use release agents. For example, some manufacturers tend to put a layer of varnish on the place where release is required, and it will also have a certain release ability, but the performance of the glue is very weak. Otherwise, this release ability is futile. Others use some special glues and other formulas to produce a small share of the overall market.

At present, with the development of society, release paper is widely used in social life. Understanding the main classifications of silicon coated paper will help people use it better.

wing release paper

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