Three Functions Of ADL Non Woven Fabric

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1.The diversion design of ADL non woven fabric

I believe that parents who wear diapers for their babies will notice that some diapers have different patterns on the surface. Even so, most people do not know its function or know very little about it. In fact, this unique pattern becomes a diversion design. The diversion design of ADL non woven fabric is very important for the absorption capacity of diapers.

 adl non woven fabric

2. The diversion layer of ADL non woven fabric 

The diversion layer of ADL non woven fabric is a layer of material between the surface layer of the diaper and the core of the diaper, but the surface layer of the diaper is thin, and the diversion layer generally has a special diversion pattern design, which is easy to use on the surface of the diaper. just observed.

A. ADL non woven fabric accelerates the absorption of urine by the core

The guide layer guides the liquid into the core of the diaper, reducing the contact time and area between the baby's buttocks and urine, keeping the skin dry.

B.ADL non woven fabric makes the thickness of the diaper uniform after absorbing water

Diapers have long and horizontal debts, and if the baby's urine is concentrated in one place, it is easy to cause the diapers to thicken locally after absorbing water. The guide layer can guide the longitudinal distribution of the liquid, improve the absorbency of the diaper, and prevent the diaper from being locally thickened due to concentrated liquid absorption, thereby hindering the subsequent absorption of the liquid by the core.

hot air non woven fabric 

C.ADL non woven fabric reduces rewet

The diversion design of some diapers takes into account the requirements of water locking, which can reduce the re-seepage of urine.

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