Difference Between Polyester Non Woven Fabric And Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric

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Polyester non woven fabric and polypropylene non woven fabric are the more common types of non woven fabric in life, so what are the differences in their performance?

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The stability is better than that of polypropylene non woven fabric

Mainly in the strength, wear resistance and other properties. Because polyester non woven fabric is made of special raw materials, they are made by advanced imported equipment and complex and scientific processing technology, which has far exceeded the technical content and requirements of polypropylene non woven fabric.

Heat resistance is better than polypropylene non woven fabric

Polypropylene non woven fabric has obvious heat shrinkage. According to the survey, when the temperature reaches 140 °C, there is obvious shrinkage, while the maximum temperature of polyester non woven fabric can reach about 230 °C, which has obvious characteristics compared with polypropylene non woven fabric. 

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The anti-aging cycle is higher than that of polypropylene non woven fabric
Polyester non woven fabric use polyester as raw material, which is resistant to insects, abrasion, and ultraviolet rays. The above characteristics are higher than those of polypropylene non woven fabric.
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Has good air permeability

Compared with polypropylene and other non woven fabric, polyester non woven fabric has excellent properties such as non absorbent, intolerant of water, and strong air permeability. The reason is mainly because: the first is the difference in raw materials. PP refers to polypropylene, namely polypropylene; PET refers to polyester, namely polyethylene terephthalate. Secondly, these two kinds of non woven fabric is quite different in application, but they can replace each other in some aspects, but they are different in performance.

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