What Is Absorbent Paper?

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1. Absorbent paper, also known as: diaper chip, sanitary napkin chip, polymer absorbent paper, SAP absorbent paper, polymer composite paper, is made of super absorbent material SAP, non woven fabric, and dust free paper. Best choice for ultra thin feminine care products and adult, baby diapers, diapers.

absorbent paper

2. Polymer absorbent paper is widely used in the field of sanitary products, such as women's sanitary napkins, mummy napkins, baby diapers/sheets, adult multi functional nursing pads, etc. 

sanitary napkin raw materials

This kind of products is greatly reduced, miniaturized and comfortable, which brings good news to people and is an irreplaceable ideal product in the field of hygiene products. 

The inside of the chip is honeycomb shaped to lock water, and the water absorbing particles are firmly locked immediately after absorbing water and swells, which effectively prevents the material in the diaper from breaking into a lump when exposed to water.

sap paper

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