Waistband Non Woven Can Be Used To Make Elastic Waist

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1. Waistband non woven self-adhesive elastic bandage, hand tearable elastic bandage, with self adhesion, easy to separate, non stick to skin and hair, no toxic side effects to the skin, and elastic ratio over 2.0, providing adjustable tightening force , suitable for all parts of the body, easy to use, various patterns can be printed on the cloth according to customer needs, which can attract consumers' attention and love, and is of great significance to customer promotion. There are a variety of designs to choose from, and custom printing can also be made according to customer requirements.

diaper waistband non woven

2. Scope of application of waistband non woven : animal hospitals, cattle, horses and other animal farms, animal competition protection, etc. 

waistband non woven

The elasticity of the waistband non woven is due to the memory of the fiber positioning, which produces the pulling force; therefore, the characteristics of the waistband non woven are that it has a high degree of elongation of more than 200% and a soft retraction force. Waistband non woven are light, soft, breathable, non toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring product quality and making sure customers can buy with confidence and use them with peace of mind.

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